02 December 2010

View About 'Supremacy'

This is a view from a reader excerpted from Malaysiakini.

I don't understand how this controversy of the 'supremacy' of the Malays has to do with the sultans or Malay rulers. The sultans are the sultans of all races. I am Chinese and I have a lot reverence for my sultan, the Sultan of Selangor, and I have my utmost respect for His Majesty. His Majesty is a hardworking sultan and he has the interest of all his subjects at heart.

So, I don't see how this issue of Malay supremacy could jeopardise the institution of the sultan. A sultan is a sultan of all races, not just the Malays.

The same goes for our Agong. His Majesty is the Agong of all races. Our sultans and our Agong will forever be a Malay. I don't see a Chinese or Indian who can be Agong. The issue is really moot.

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Comment: Even the non-Malays feel very proud and hold dearly to awards or medals bestowed by the Malay rulers. They willingly wear the Malay costume and the songkok to receive the awards from the rulers.


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