29 June 2010

Believe It or Not!

Emailed from Mr. David Ng.

A new spices of Milk Drinking Fish has been developed in China from the crossing of the Japanese carp and a Malaysian fish. They are trained to feed on milk bottles from the age of one and will do this automatically by the age of 2.

27 June 2010

What Happens in Heaven!

Emailed from Mr. Tan K.T. from Ipoh, Perak.

I dreamt that I went to Heaven and an angel was showing me around. We walked side-by-side inside a large workroom filled with angels. My angel guide stopped in front of the first section and said, 'This is the Receiving Section. Here, all petitions to God said in prayer are received.'

I looked around in this area, and it was terribly busy with so many angels sorting out petitions written on voluminous paper sheets and scraps from people all over the world.

Then we moved on down a long corridor until we reached the second section..

The angel then said to me, 'This is the Packaging and Delivery Section. Here, the graces and blessings the people asked for are processed and delivered to the living persons who asked for them.. 'I noticed again how busy it was there. There were many angels working hard at that station, since so many blessings had been requested and were being packaged for delivery to Earth.

Finally at the farthest end of the long corridor we stopped at the door of a very small station. To my great surprise, only one angel was seated there, idly doing nothing. 'This is the Acknowledgment Section,' my angel friend quietly admitted to me. He seemed embarrassed 'How is it that there is no work going on here?' I asked.

'So sad,' the angel sighed. 'After people receive the blessings that they asked for, very few send back acknowledgments .'

'How does one acknowledge God's blessings?' I asked.

'Simple,' the angel answered. Just say, 'Thank you, Lord.'

'What blessings should they acknowledge? ' I asked.

'If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy .'

'And if you get this on your own computer, you are part of the 1% in the world who has that opportunity. '

'If you woke up this morning with more health than illness you are more blessed than the many who will not even survive this day .'

'If you have never experienced the fear in battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation ... you are ahead of 700 million people in the world.'

'If you can attend a church without the fear of harassment, arrest, torture or death you are envied by, and more blessed than, three billion people in the world. '

'If your parents are still alive and still married ...you are very rare .'

'If you can hold your head up and smile, you are not the norm, you're unique to all those in doubt and despair.'

Ok, what now? How can I start? If you can read this message, you just received a double blessing in that someone was thinking of you as very special and you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world who cannot read at all.

Have a good day, count your blessings, and if you want, pass this along to remind everyone else how blessed we all are.

Acknowledge Dept.:
'Thank you Lord, for giving me the ability to share this message and for giving me so many wonderful people to share it with.'

If you have read this far, and are thankful for all that you have been blessed with, how can you not send it on????

I thank God for the life of everyone of you.

You are loved by Him.

It is well with you!

22 June 2010

Aren't We Fortunate Enough?

A photo presentation from sazzle1711.

Are You Saying You Don't Have Enough?

An enlightenment photo presentation by Dr. Zakirhusain

21 June 2010

May All Human Beings Be Free From Suffering

Received this video through an email from Mr. Tan K.T. from Ipoh, Perak.

20 June 2010


Emailed by Mr. David Ng.

This article was sent to me by a retired chemistry professor from NUS*

Fresh Pineapple Has Many Benefits....

The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family. It is extremely rare that bromeliads produce edible fruit. The pineapple is the only available edible bromeliad today. It is a multiple fruit.

One pineapple is actually made up of dozens of individual flowerettes that grow together to form the entire fruit. Each scale on a pineapple is evidence of a separate flower. Pineapples stop ripening the minute they are picked. No special way of storing them will help ripen them further. Color is relatively unimportant in determining ripeness.

Choose your pineapple by smell. If it smells fresh, tropical and sweet, it will be a good fruit. The more scales on the pineapple, the sweeter and juicier the taste.

After you cut off the top, you can plant it. It should grow much like a sweet potato will. This delicious fruit is not only sweet and tropical, it also offers many benefits to our health.

Pineapple is a remarkable fruit. We find it enjoyable because of its lush, sweet and exotic flavor, but it may also be one of the most healthful foods available today. If we take a more detailed look at it, we will find that pineapple is valuable for easing indigestion, arthritis or sinusitis.

The juice has an anthelmintic effect; it helps get rid of intestinal worms.

Let's look at how pineapple affects other conditions.
Pineapple is high in manganese, a mineral that is critical to development of strong bones and connective tissue. A cup of fresh pineapple will give you nearly 75% of the recommended daily amount. It is particularly helpful to older adults, whose bones tend to become brittle with age.

Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, is the key to pineapple's value. Proteolytic means "breaks down protein", which is why pineapple is known to be a digestive aid. It helps the body digest proteins more efficiently.

Bromelain is also considered an effective anti-inflammatory. Regular ingestion of at least one half cup of fresh pineapple daily is purported to relieve painful joints common to osteoarthritis. It produces mild pain relief. In Germany, bromelain is approved as a post-injury medication because it is thought to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Orange juice is a popular liquid for those suffering from a cold because it is high in Vitamin C. Fresh pineapple is not only high in this vitamin, but because of the bromelain, it has the ability to reduce mucous in the throat.

If you have a cold with a productive cough, add pineapple to your diet. It is commonly used in Europe as a post-operative measure to cut mucous after certain sinus and throat operations. Those individuals who eat fresh pineapple daily report fewer sinus problems related to allergies. In and of itself, pineapple has a very low risk for allergies.

Pineapple is also known to discourage blood clot development. This makes it a valuable dietary addition for frequent fliers and others who may be at risk for blood clots.

An old folk remedy for morning sickness is fresh pineapple juice. It really works! Fresh juice and some nuts first thing in the morning often makes a difference. It's also good for a healthier mouth. The fresh juice discourages plaque growth .

How Our EGO Sometimes Misjudges a Person

This piece is emailed to me by Mr. David Ng and worth reading.

A lady in a faded grey dress and her husband, dressed in a home-spun suit walked in timidly without an appointment into the Harvard University President's outer office. The secretary could tell in a moment that such backwoods, country hicks had no business at Harvard and probably didn't even deserve to be in Harvard.

"We want to see the President ," the man said softly.
"He'll be busy all day," the secretary snapped.
"We'll wait, " the lady replied.

For hours the secretary ignored them, hoping that the couple would finally become discouraged and go away. They didn't and the secretary grew frustrated and finally decided to disturb the president...

"Maybe if you see them for a few minutes, they'll leave," she said to him.
The President, stern faced and with dignity, strutted toward the couple.

The lady told him; "We had a son who attended Harvard for one year. He loved Harvard. He was happy here. But about a year ago, he was accidentally killed. My husband and I would like to erect a memorial to him, somewhere on campus."

The president wasn't touched.... He was shocked. "Madam," he said, gruffly, " we can't put up a statue for every person who attended Harvard and died. If we did, this place would look like a cemetery."

"Oh, no," the lady explained quickly. "We don't want to erect a statue. We thought we would like to give a building to Harvard."

The president rolled his eyes. He glanced at the gingham dress and homespun suit, and then exclaimed; "A building! Do you have any earthly idea how much a building costs? We have over seven and a half million dollars in the physical buildings here at Harvard."

For a moment the lady was silent. The president was pleased. Maybe he could get rid of them now. The lady turned to her husband and said quietly, "Is that all it costs to start a university ? Why don't we just start our own?"
Her husband nodded. The president's face wilted in confusion and bewilderment.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford got up and walked away, traveling to Palo Alto, California where they established the University that bears their name - Stanford University, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer cared about.

Most of the time we judge people by their outer appearance, which can be misleading. And in this impression, we tend to treat people badly by thinking they can do nothing for us. Thus we tend to lose our potential good friends, employees or customers.

In our life, we seldom get people with whom we want to share and grow our thought process. But because of our inner EGO we miss them forever.

It is you who have to decide with whom you are getting associated in day to day life. These phrases are what we used to hear, but do we learn!

Small people talk about others,
Average people talk about things,
Great people talk about ideas.

The first one is what most of us use to do, gossiping about others, thinking ownself the best!

19 June 2010

When Using Mobile Phones:

Just a safety reminder:

Avoid using mobile phones at petrol outlets

· Avoid talking on mobile phones while driving

· Avoid talking on mobile phones in charging mode

· Avoid charging mobile phones near once’s bed and/or near
wooden furniture

Avoid using mobile phones and flash lights near high voltage
lines like railway stations

Confucius says...

When you see a good person,
think of becoming like her/him.
When you see someone not so good,
reflect on your own weak points.

You Could Be One of Them!!

Should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities
(a.k.a kiasu, kiasi); Remember, things could be worse; You could be one of them!

16 June 2010


This piece of hilarious records was emailed to me by Mr. Lim Chin Hong from Taiping, Perak and I would like share it here.
From The Records of The Institute of Mental Health (IMH)

Record I:
Patient A: "So how... this book's not bad ya?"
Patient B: "Excellent! Astounding work. No nonsense shit, sharp and concise to the point. But there's a major flaw in this piece of art too many character names to remember!!!"
Nurse: "Hey! Can the two of you put the telephone book back to the original place?"

Record II:
One doctor asked a patient: "If I were to cut one of your ears off, what will happen to you?"
Patient: "Then I will not be able to hear..."
Doctor: "Hmm.. that's normal...So if I were to cut your other ear off, what will happen to you?"
Patient: "Then I will not be able to see..."
The doctor became nervous and asked: "Why would you not see then???"
Patient: "Because my spectacles will drop down..."

Record III:
IMH has an old lady who wears black everyday, carries a black umbrella and squats @ the entrance to the IMH everyday without fail, rain or shine. The doctor wanted to administer treatment for her and decided to start by understanding her behavior.
So, the doctor also wear black and carries a black umbrella; squatted outside together just next to her, rain or shine, everyday without fail. So...days goes by... the two of them squatted side-by-side w/o a single exchange of words for one solid month...
One fine day, the old lady finally broke the silence and asked the doctor: "Err...Excuse me! Are you also a mushroom?"

Record IV:
A nurse saw a patient writing a letter. She got curious and went to take a peek. But the patient didn't wanna let her see.
Nurse (unable to contain her curiosity): "Who are you writing to?"
Patient: "I'm writing a letter to myself..."
Her curiosity grew and she thought to herself (Why would someone write a letter to himself?)
So she asked again: "So...what's written inside?"
Patient (got impatient): "You crazy ah? I haven't received the letter, how would I know??"

Record V:
Two patients escape from the IMH. They climbed up a tree and one of them fell from the tree and started rolling on the ground. After a while, the patient rolling shouted to the top: "Hey! How come you are not coming down yet?"
The patient on top replied: "No.. no... I can't...I'm not ripe yet"

Record VI:
One patient visited the doctor: "Doc...how? I think I'm a chicken since I was born..."
Doctor: "Woah! that's very serious...Why do you only come and seek treatment now?"
Patient: "Because my family needs me to hatch the eggs..."

Record VII:
One truck driver was doing his usual delivery to IMH. He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to go home after unloading the stuff. He jacked up the truck and took the flat tyre down.
When he was about to fix on the new tyre, he accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain. The truck driver was very sad as he can't fish the bolts up, started to panic. Coincidentally, one patient walked past and asked the driver what happened. The driver thought to himself, since there's nothing much he can do, he told the patient the whole incident.
The patient nonchalantly replied: "Can't even fix such a simple problem... no wonder you are destined to be a truck driver..."
The patient goes on explaining: "You just have to take one bolt each from the other 3 tyres and fix it onto this tyre. Drive to the nearest workshop and replace the missing ones"
The driver was very impressed and asked: "You're so smart but why do you stay in IMH?"
Patient replied: "I stay here because I'm crazy not STUPID!"

14 June 2010

FIFA World Cup - Watch England's Misery


10 June 2010


Emailed by my niece, M/s Ng Ngah Hui.

Success is not a pie with a limited number of pieces.
The success of others has very little bearing on your success.
You and everyone you know can become successful without anyone suffering setbacks, harm, or downturns.
- Denis Waitley

Average people look for ways of getting away with it.
Successful people look for ways of getting on with it. - Jim Rohn

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.
Unsuccessful people are always asking, "What's in it for me?" - Brian Tracy

Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have. - Zig Ziglar

When you identify something that you do well, that you enjoy doing, and that supports the values that are important to you, you have defined success in your terms. - Nido Qubein

You don’t become enormously successful without encountering and overcoming a number of extremely challenging problems. - Mark Victor Hansen

Always demanding the best of oneself, living with honor, devoting one’s talents and gifts to the benefits of others - these are the measures of success that endure when material things have passed away. - Gerald Ford


My team is England.
I expect the team to lift the World Cup
this time around after so many heart broken attempts in the past,
so near yet so far, but not at this edition!
To follow the results or for update please click to the following link;

07 June 2010

Add Maths 1 - Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) - Marking Scheme

Add Maths 1 - Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) - Marking Scheme -

Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) JPN Selangor - Additional Mathematics Paper 1

Add Maths 1 - Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) JPN Selangor -

Add Maths 2 - Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) - Marking Scheme

Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) - Add Maths 2 - Marking Scheme -

Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) JPN Selangor - Additional Mathematics Paper 2

Program Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (1) - JPN Selangor - Add Maths Paper 2 -

My Add Maths Module - Form 5 - Trigonometric Functions

My Add Maths Modules - Form 5 - Trigonometric Functions -

05 June 2010


Salutations and Hearties Congratulations

May Allah The Almighty Bless

His Majesty The Yang di-Pertuan Agong
Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni
Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah

On The Occasion of His Majesty's Official Birthday
5 June 2010

With Utmost Sincerity

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