05 November 2016

1st Anniversary - In Loving Memory of Our Dad / AhKong

1st Anniversary

Mr. Ng Bon Hwa

(Departed 05 November 2015)

A year is passing by, when you left us in the morning, out of your hard earned precious home, with no love one by your side. Memories and regrets for many things you stubbornly and reluctantly to let us to take good care of you, wishing you could enjoy the twilight of your life after going through lot of hardship and suffering to earn, to save a small sum of money to survive for the days ahead. But the ridiculement by those who you worked for their comfort and prosperity, instead of your own very young family, as you were their eldest son, left a bitter memory within.  May you be blessed for all the good deeds, sincere and in a very respectful manner you worked for all of them by Almighty. As for mum (AhMa)  and elder brother (AhPak) you will always be remembered and communicating through our hearts, by all of us. Pray your soul is resting in peace and be blessed by Almighty.

02 November 2016


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