25 March 2013

You Can Do the Change

Don't let what you cannot do to interfere what you can do.                                        
- John Wooden

Don't let your ignorance and fear to interfere your absolute for change. 

Fatal if Failed to Change this Time

Failure is not fatal, 
but failure to change might be                                          
                        - John Wooden

If we do not make the change this time, 
possibly it could be fatal.

24 March 2013

Start To Be Great... Again!

You don't have to be great to start, 
but you have to start to be great.
                                                         - Zig Ziglar

Then do the change,
if we want to be great again...!

Change to Success

I failed my way to success.
                               - Thomas Edison

After many failures, 
this is the time to make it success.
Just do the change.

Be Patient....!

Impatience never commanded success. 
                                                       - Edwin H.Chapin

Just do the change,
fortune will come with it, 
be patient.



Change yourself 
fortune will change with you
                       - Portuguese Proverb

do the change
when the time comes...!


Never mistake activity for achievement.
                                                            - John Wooden
Huge and piles of documentations 
do not necessary indicate similar achievement 
but possibly wastage.

If you don't have time to do it right
when you have time to do it over?                                    
                                                 - John Wooden

If we do not give the chance for change
how could we know we have done it right

Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.                                                                                                          - John Wooden

19 March 2013

Michael Owen, One of My Favourites, to Retire

Former England striker Owen to retire at end of season

March 19, 2013
LONDON, March 19 — A career that was launched into orbit by a stunning goal against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup will end meekly 15 years later after Michael Owen announced today he will hang up his boots at the end of the season.

The former England striker, who made his first-team debut for Liverpool as a 17-year-old and also played for Real Madrid, Newcastle United and Manchester United, has almost disappeared from view at Stoke City for whom he signed last September.

“I now feel it is the right time to bring the curtain down on my career,” the injury-prone 33-year-old said on his personal website (http://www.michaelowen.com). 

“I have been very fortunate in that my career has taken me on a journey that like many young players starting out, I could only have dreamt of.”

Diminutive Owen had already shown his potential at Liverpool when he thrust himself onto the world stage with a sensational solo goal against Argentina in a 1998 World Cup second round defeat in St Etienne.

A natural striker with a devastating burst of pace, Owen went on to make 89 international appearances, scoring 40 goals to sit fourth on the all-time England goalscorers’ list.

Another famous England performance came in the 5-1 World Cup qualifying win in Germany in 2001 when he scored a hat-trick.

“It’s sad news for football that Michael Owen will retire. He’s been a fantastic football player for all the clubs he played for and for England,” Sven Goran Eriksson, his England coach from 2001-2006, told Britain’s Sky Sports News TV.

“He was very easy to manage. First of all, he’s a fantastic man — professional, never any problems on or off the pitch. If you had him in your team you knew that at any time he’s a danger, he can score the winning goal.
“Beating Germany 5-1, that couldn’t or shouldn’t happen. It was one of those games you can never forget. I felt very proud to be the manager of Michael Owen.”

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17 March 2013

It's Like That Stupid Shepherd Who Cried Wolf..!

Ayoyo..... bankrupt of ideas but sex, sex, sex.....

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"Agama sering menjadi alat penipuan dan kepentingan golongan yang pandai mengekplotasikannya.
Dr. Mohd Asri bin Zainul Abdin

Baca lagi di sini.

Nape Marah Pada Yang Pandai...?

"Kalau tidak pandai jangan marah pada yang pandai..."

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Lawan Hujah Bukan Peribadi

“Kita orang politik ini sepatutnya kena lawan hujah bukan peribadi,” 
 Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat 
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09 March 2013

How Many Kind of Chinese in Malaysia...?

Mahathir says if Anwar becomes the PM, he will sell the country to the Chinese.

Najib says he can understand the Chinese in BN but the Chinese in the DAP, they are the worst.

But Anwar says, "I have the most experience - with the Chinese in Gerakan, the Chinese in MCA and I am proud to work with the Chinese in DAP because they have principles and integrity." 

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05 March 2013

Karma From "Project-M"

..... that the armed intrusion in Sabah is karma. The victims are not the big guns who are responsible for the project but the policemen who died in the line of duty. They should not have borne the cost of the power crazy decisions of these big guns .....

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02 March 2013

Thieves And Liars Do

They steal together and when they get caught, they blame each other.  That is what thieves and liars do. 

by Din Merican

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01 March 2013

Apa Dah Jadi Ni....?

Satu lagi projek kerajaan PR.....?
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