21 May 2012

Another Bee Gee Left Us!

Robin Gibb: He ‘Started a Joke,’ and Left Us in Tears

Did a singer's name ever seem so prophetic and appropriate as in the case of Robin, one of the great male songbirds of rock's golden age? Bee Gee Robin Gibb succumbed to a longtime struggle with liver cancer Sunday, a spokesperson confirmed. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer was 62.

His death dashed the hopes of Bee Gees fans who'd hoped that a miracle was in store after the  singer emerged from a coma late last month. Prior to his regaining consciousness, his family had revealed that Gibb had been given only a 10 percent chance of surviving and seemed to be preparing the public for his imminent death. Despite the shock fans are now experiencing, family members surely feel grateful for the month they had with Gibb after his unexpected awakening.

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18 May 2012


I remember,
when you were asked why you chose to join this one not the others,
you have said, because from your long observation, this one is consistent with its principles,
then now,
you are opting out after only three years of the association,
is it now you are seeing this one is no more consistent with its principles as you have observed for a long time?
Or something else.....?

02 May 2012


Certainly, it won't work by merely directing others to work because of one's power and position. But it works to work the work together no matter what's one's position.

Corrupt! Loyalty!

It's not power that corrupt,
it's the fear of losing power that corrupt.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Loyalty is earned,
it's not demanded,
and it's certainly not bought.

Ambiga Sreenevasan

01 May 2012

Can't We Always Be Like This Beyond Bersih 3.0?

Picture adopted from zorro-unmasked.
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