28 October 2011

Five Healthy Fruits & Veggies We Take For Granted

Five Surprisingly Healthy Fruits and Veggies You Aren't Eating

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17 October 2011

Lies, Lies, Lies (2)

And it is continuing and by those who like to portray themselves as highly educated, intellect with high academic achievement from the so-called reputable academic institution and high professional standard with exclusive professional or political titles in front or behind their names and 'piously' acting but morally - decaying to the core with continuous and blatant lies which is not correlated with the high reputation and standard they seek to be.

The latest lie, read here.

Some significant comments:

zaman's avatar
For him to stoop so low to write "... sebab nak ganti dengan Kampung Buah Dada" is unbecoming of an MP and a so-called graduate of Oxford University. The university would be ashamed if they know of his low mentality here.

Ng Poh Thye's avatar
A doctor a liar and MP also can lie. Stupid and low mentality !

PemudaNegara's avatar
For a learned Dr. and an Oxford graduate to succumb to such baseless lie and allegations don't augur well for our professionals and the tertiary university they received their degrees.

wong's avatar
A Dr status, what type of moral he has

I-can't-read's avatar
Seriously? A graduate from Oxford making accusations without first investigating any truth to the news?

kak's avatar
I am very tempted to stoop as low as you. On praying , i decided not to coz my God showed me the right way.
I dont know about you.

twocents's avatar
Simple .... No Brain !!!

Albert Teow 's avatar
Can't fight with merit thus resorting to sexual accusations. Incompetent bunch.

Freedom's avatar
Terminate liars in politics

" Malaysian "'s avatar
Malu lah. If there is any honour still left in those politicians who made nasty comments...

Failed Country's avatar
The clarification by the principal of SMK Heng Ee inevitably led one to think that all sexual misconducts hurled against DSAI are also lies.

Failed Country's avatar
Is tat d lowest you can go??!! Come on.. surely with all d countless degrees, PhD's n doctorates and honorary degrees, you can go even lower than tat.

wayang-wayang's avatar
That Penang doctor should just stick to treating patients, and not involved in making wild accusation. Shame on him!!

Ghooi's avatar
Decent Malaysians are fighting a tough moral battle against the morally bankrupt politicians but rich in funding. May we continue to stand firm & guard against unscrupulous politicians out to score political points at the expense of innocent people & children. If we continue to trade our moral ground for short term momentary gain, we will pay the price of moral & economical decay for electing the wrong leaders.

16 October 2011

I Shall Remain The President!

After 308, he voluntary or perhaps disguising, asked to resign to take responsibility of the people's massacre but you stooges pleaded to him to remain, saying no one could hold you all together to fight to the next chapter. Saved by your naively and stupidly generosity, he declared, I humbly to remain your president.

Now you the stooges say it loudly, could it be again your most apparent character, that is rhetoric, hinting to him to step down or be ship out. But he is now fighting you back by declaring I shall remain the president to the next chapter.

Dian kong wa bo hoot, wa tongkin lai ka le hoot!

Like watching a Charlie Chaplin's mute movie entitled The Funny Politicians, if ever he created one, kah..kah..kah...

How Nice If 'This" Is In Our Towns & Cities?

If this is happened in our towns and cities, I and many of us could save a huge amount of our personal gasoline budget but the most important is we practically, not rhetorically help to green the world and surely the gasoline price would not reach at present level, meaning more money in our pocket!
Why not the power that be take a hard look at this alternative mode of transportation! If Copenhagen can do it, why not over here? Is it again because of the kiasu, kiasi and haulen or sapu mentality!

15 October 2011

A Result of Kiasu & 'Want To Grab All' Mentality

Cambodia bans its citizens from working as domestic helpers in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA - The dire shortage of maids affecting some 35,000 families has taken a turn for the worse with Cambodia springing a surprise ban on its citizens working as domestic helpers in Malaysia.

This comes three days after Indonesia announced that a moratorium on sending its maids had not been lifted pending a proper framework being put in place.

A Reuters report from Phnom Penh yesterday said Prime Minister Hun Sen made the decision after expressing disappointment with alleged incidents of beatings and rape of Cambodian maids by their Malaysian employers.

The report quoted Cambodia's Community Legal Education Centre, which helps abused domestic workers, as saying at least three maids were killed in Malaysia, and two raped and kept in isolation. Their passports were also withheld by their employers.

Cambodian recruitment agencies had earlier this year decided not to send maids to Kuwait after complaints of abuse by employers there.

The ban has major implications on Malaysian families as many employers turned to Cambodian maids following Indonesia's freeze on their domestic workers.

Some comments:

  • A good lesson for Malaysia. Leave them to so their own house work, instead of working out in the gym and spending time at the beauty parlour or shopping center.
    Relearn time management and do away with many unnecessary. It will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  • Premier Hun Sen had made the right decision. Some Bolehland people are still keeping in their mindsets that maids are slaves and they can do whatever they want unto the slaves!

  • That`s the right thing to do. For as long as the law on foreign maids does not cover a wide range of issues that can affect the welfare of foreign maids in Malaysia, no country should risk sending maids to Malaysia. Cruelty to foreign maids is a never ending story, even if it involves a small proportion. Why we should treat a fellow human as a sub-standard specie is beyond comprehension.

  • Employers should be more humane towards their maids. They are here to earn a living. They are not slaves and have dignity.

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09 October 2011

State of Denial

Mahathir warns of a "great" and "long" financial crisis"

KUALA LUMPUR — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned the ongoing global economic crisis will continue long into the future as the West continues spending in a “state of denial.”

The former prime minister said that Western countries continue “believing that they can somehow continue to remain rich. They are unable to behave like poor people.”

On the same day Datuk Seri Najib Razak tabled a budget that aims to rein in the deficit to 4.7 per cent, Dr Mahathir said the West “will not recover because they are still in a state of denial.

“They still believe they are rich, as rich as before they plunged into the crisis. They must keep up the big power wealthy country image even if their people have no jobs, riot and protest.

“How nice it would be if our pocket is picked, we are allowed to print some money to replace what is lost,”

P/S: Perhaps Dr. M intended to refer this kind of mentality to some local people who are now in power and may be also in the state of denial.

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Asia Must Not Follow West Example Blindly!

THE mobile phone has become ubiquitous and underpriced, and can be free nowadays, while the toilet has become a luxury item," said the author of a book which warned Asia against following the West' consumption-led growth.

Chandran Nair of the social venture think tank Global Institute For Tomorrow and author of Consumptionomics: Asia's Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet, said if global consumption keeps on growing, the results would be "catastrophic".

Asia will shape the 21st century, but it will absolutely create a catastrophic outcome if it continues to follow the "Western narrative of consumption led-growth".

To avoid this, people are going to need to restrict consumption, which would mean tough rules.

"In the next 40 years, the Asian population would rise to 5.5 billion. The consuming classes that are consuming at the equivalent of the average American is actually about 600 million people in Asia. With 600 million people consuming today, unless you are blind, you will notice that we have ravaged the world, we have externalised cost enormously and now are we imagining that in the next 40 years, another four billion people can consume like this and not worry that things will go absolutely haywire?"

He cited figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), whose members include high-income economies, showing that car ownership levels are about 750 cars per a thousand people. China, being the world's largest car market, has 150 cars per thousand people and in India it is just 30. What would happen if Asians started buying cars, he asked.

"If China and India started to have car ownership, anything like the OECD in 2050, do you know how many cars we would have in the world? We'll have three billion cars," he said.

The notion that the world can "green" this "problem" is naive. "The world's most advanced automotive industry outside of Japan is Germany, and in Germany there are 40 million cars, how many 'green' cars are there in Germany? Less than 5,000," he said. Because of the rare earth metals that would be needed to produce hybrids or green cars, only the rich can afford these cars, he said.

Nair said the reason the world is going through this slowly faltering state is that for the past few centuries, the global economy has been shaped by the Western business model of consumption-led growth.

The world needs a plan, he said. And there needs to be a strong government to come up with policies that will weigh the options for the "principles of collective welfare" rather than the "individual rights", he said.

"We have the perception that somehow free markets will solve this problem, and we have a suggestion that finance will help solve this problem. It will not solve this problem," he said.

Technology won't be much help, noting that in certain cases it even aided and further ravaged available resources. "Fisheries is an example, once we intervened, technology is going to help with radar and so on, so that we can further rape the oceans."

People should realise that there are limits and that if people understand the limits, then they will have to understand that there should be equitable access to resources, he said.

"All I am saying is, look at the facts, look at where you are staying and look how the majority live, and what are we going to do about this, and therefore we need very strong governments who are not usurped by private interest," he said.

In this day and age, there are governments which have become weak because they believe that the markets will solve the problems.

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08 October 2011

Not Matter What, Where, Why, Who & How, One Constantly Need To Be Alert

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03 October 2011

It's Not the Matter of Race but Rather the Work Done

Why bother of what race the politician who should represent us in the state assembly or parliament. Also, why bother if none of my race were to be elected as a minister or representative in the government, if the representative cannot really do the work we expected of him/her but rather behaving more like a subservient and cowardice in the government but like an emperor, a king or expecting us, because of our same race, to serve him/her like a 'lord' or quietly or clearly and abusively taking advantages of his/her position to accumulate wealth and grabbing all the opportunities for himself/herself, families or cronies rather than for the benefit of a larger community.

But if a representative is sincere in working for the betterment of the people and constituency he/she represents and for the betterment of the state then what the different if he/she is of different race.

Therefore it is not an issue or a matter to be taken as important and as a criteria when someone or a party who rhetorically declared they do not want to accept any representation for his/her race in the government if they were not to be voted in as representatives. Instead, it is better for this kind of politicians to be voted out for threatening us with such proposition or thinking that we hard up for their representation.

Perhaps, without this kind of politicians who constantly and unilaterally claim to represent us, we as the people of this wonderful motherland can live in a more meaningful, happy, properous and united as a single human race, without any or whatsoever kind of prejudices.

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