22 April 2011

Watch Space Images From Hubble Telescope

After 12 years of orbiting the space around Earth, the meritorious Hubble Space Telescope has given us some of these spectucular images of space. Without it, many would be imaging the vast and deep space like some of the pre-Renaissance high priests who thought the world were flat. Copernicus was punished for that reason!

Source: Here

10 April 2011

Beware, Unseen Hazard Near Your Ear!

Is Your Cell Phone a Health Hazard?

1. Try to avoid direct contact with your cell phone during calls.
Use the speaker-phone setting or wired hands-free device. Although wireless Bluetooth devices do reduce radiation, they don’t eliminate it.

2. Follow the bars.
Radiation exposure increases when a cell phone’s signal is weak or when you’re traveling in a fast-moving car or train. That’s because the phone needs to constantly reconnect to new towers. Wait till you have three or more bars showing before you make your call.

3. Tell your kids to text.
Because their skulls are thinner than adults’, children absorb radiation at a higher rate when they hold a phone to their ear.

4. Save the long chats for a noncordless landline or an Internet phone system, like Skype.
And when you’re on the go, let your fingers do the talking and send a text instead.

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09 April 2011

Heart of Gold 2

Bai Fang Li A Rickshaw Operator Who Gave Much To Orphans

His name is BAI FANG LI. He is a rickshaw operator most of his life, providing services to people who need to go from one place to another for a small fee.

His body is small, even too small compared to other rickshaw operators. However, he is very energetic and enthusiast. He starts his routine at 6am with fellowship with God. He then cruises the streets of the city on his rickshaw either to get a customer or to bring the customers to their destination. He ends his days after the hard work not sooner than 8pm.

All his customers like Bai Fang Li, because he is friendly, and his smile never leaves his face. He never determines the fee that his customers must pay, but he relies on the customers' generosity to pay for his services. Because of his good heart, more people prefer to use his services than others. Perhaps because of compassion to him, many people are willing to pay more than the going rates that most rickshaw operators charge. Maybe this is because they see how hard he, with his small body sweating, has to push till his breathing is heavy.

Bai Fang Li lives in an old and rusty hut in a slum area of the city where many rickshaw operators and garbage collectors live. He rents a portion of the hut and pays daily for a place to sleep. There is practically no furniture in the hut, but an old rug to sleep on after a very long and hard day at work. There is only one room under the roof to share with several other people. In this room, he often received visitors who come to get help from him. Inside the room, there is also an old cardboard box where he stores an old, badly torn and stitched blanket. There is also a tin plate, which he probably found in the pile of garbage around the hut, for him to eat and a tin can for him to drink from. At the corner of the hut, there is an oil lamp to give light to the room at night.

Bai Fang Li has no family or relatives. People just know that he comes from another place. However, he never feels lonely because he is always surrounded by people who love his company. They love him for his positive attitude and his generosity. He helps everybody who needs help, and he does it with joy in his heart and without expecting anything in return.

From what he earns, he should be able to afford better food and clothes. However, he donated most of his earning to an unknown orphanage that takes care of over 300 orphans in Tianjin. This orphanage also runs a school for the orphans and other poor children in the area.

An Incident That Changed His Way of Life

Bai Fang Li started giving his donation at the age of 74. This is the story of how his heart was touched and how he made the decision to do what he was doing.

One day he was resting after dropping off a customer. He saw a tiny and skinny six year old boy on the street offering his service to an older lady to carry her groceries that she bought from a nearby market. He saw this little boy carry the heavy grocery bags with a lot of struggle, but he was determined to do the job well. There was a big smile onthe boy's face when he had completed the duty and received some change from the lady for his service. This boy looked up the sky mumbling something as if he was thanking God for the blessing that he had just received. Bai watched the boy doing it to several ladies who were shopping in the market, and every time he received payment for his services, he would look up to the sky and mumbled something.

Later, he saw the boy going to a pile of garbage and dug into the garbage looking for something. When he found a dirty piece of bread, he was so happy. He cleaned the bread the best he could, and he put the bread in his mouth and enjoyed it as if it were a piece of bread from heaven. Bai's heart was so touched by what he saw. He approached the boy and offered to share his lunch with him. Bai was wondering why the boy did not buy a decent lunch with the money he earned from providing services to the ladies. The boy said, "I will use the money to buy food for my siblings."

Bai asked, "Where are your parents?"
The boy replied, "My parents were separating stuff from garbage everyday. However, one month ago, they disappeared and I have never seen them again. Thus, I have to work to feed myself and my two younger sisters."

Bai Fang Li asked the boy to take him to his sisters. Bai's heart was crying when he saw the two girls, 5 and 4 years old. The girls were dirty and skinny, and their clothes were very dirty. The neighbours did not care about the condition of these three children, because they were struggling to cope with their own lives too.

Bai Fang Li took these three children to an orphanage in Tianjin. He told the manager of the orphanage that he would bring all the money he made and give it to the orphanage to help the children there to get food, care and education. Since then Bai Fang Li decided to work harder and with more determination in operating the rickshaw to earn money for the orphanage. He started early and finished late to get the extra money. From all his earning everyday, he put aside some to pay rent for his living space in the hut, to buy two raisin breads for his lunch and a small piece of meat and egg for his dinner. The rest of the income was donated to the orphanage to help them to feed and care for the children. He is very happy doing all these things, despite his limitation. He felt that it was a luxury that he had a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear, even clothes that he got from a disposal. He was always thankful for what he had.

Bai Fang Li worked as a rickshaw operator 365 days a year, regardless of the weather, and often when it was snowing or when the sun was very strong and hot. When asked why he would sacrifice so much for these children, he always said, "It is OK that I suffer, as long as the poor children have something to eat and can have proper education. I am happy to do all these things."

Giving Without Expecting Anything in Return

Bai Fang Li started donating to the orphanage since 1986. He has never asked anything in return from the orphanage. He does not even know which children benefit from his donation. For the next 20 years, Bai Fang Li operated his rickshaw for one purpose: to be able to give donation to the orphanage in Tianjin. At the age of 90, he brought all his savings of about RMB500 (about US$80) that he has stored neatly in a box to the school named Yao Hua that was run by the orphanage.

Bai Fang Li said in a sad voice, "I am too old and weak to operate rickshaw now. I cannot continue with the donation. This could be my last donation." All the teachers in the school were touched and cried.

When Bai Fang Li died at the age of 93, he died in poverty. Despite that, he had donated RMB 350,000 (about US$53,000) to the orphanage and the school that was run by the orphanage.

The last photograph that his friends have about him has an inscription:
"An extraordinary love for an extraordinary person."

If a poor person gives out of his lack, he is an heir of heaven that was sent to this world, who teaches us to be continually thankful and to give to others who are in need.

P/S: There are many NGOs or individuals in this country who in the name social responsibility or welfare, run various types of orphanage centers. Though outwardly we should appreciate and applaud their contributions for looking after the under privilege, however, looking at the way of the everyday life and activities of some of these operators, I could not help but to wary whether these people are really doing the work as Mother Teresa had done or just to make use of these orphans as a cover of their hidden agenda!

Do U Believe This at This Moment of Time 2

How many Malaysians would believe this at this moment of time.

Some people especially those at the top and who like to 'fish' like to think the majority of Malaysians are so stupid and 'suckers' to freely buying anything put forward by them!
And wonder how many would be 'fished' out by them!
And should these people be called, moron?

Read more here or here.

Do U Believe This at This Moment of Time 1

Retiree Wins RM17.7mil Jackpot

KUALA LUMPUR - A retiree in Malacca has hit the RM17.7mil jackpot Mega Toto 6/52 lotto game. He said he liked the winning set of numbers 10, 11, 12, 15, 23 and 29 and had been betting on the numbers continuously for two years.

“I never stopped buying the numbers as I was afraid they might be drawn the very one time I miss betting on them,” he said in a press statement released by Sports Toto Malaysia Friday.

He found out about his winning from a daily the next morning after Tuesday's special draw. The numbers was drawn as the first prize of Mega Toto 6/52 (Draw no: 350/11) for a total sum of RM17,685,487.80. Accompanied by family members, the winner was calm when the multi-million cheque was handed to him at the Sports Toto head office.

Sports Toto said two more multi-million jackpots exceeding RM45mil and RM17mil from Supreme Toto 6/58 and Power Toto 6/55 lotto games, respectively are up for grabs.

The Star

P/S: Here is a comment by a reader to the post;

Friday, 08 April 2011 23:03 posted by china koi

Funny la .... whenever there s an election some clown wins big time . Really are you for real. Some bugger will probably be walking around with a bagfull of money in sarawak.

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08 April 2011

Sexypolitics 2

Read what has this politician said!

'Husbands driving home after work see things that are sexually arousing and go to their wives to ease their urges.'

'But when they come home to their wives, they will say, 'wait, I'm cooking,' or 'wait, I'm getting ready to visit relatives'.'

'........, wives are supposed to stop everything to fulfill their husband's demands.'

Wives failing in their duties pushed men to go to 'private places to satisfy their urges".

By Ibrahim Ali,
President PERKASA

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05 April 2011

Heart of Gold 1

Garbage Collector with the Heart of Gold
64-year-old sanitary worker and garbage collector Li Yukun has long passed her retirement age of 50 in China but she begged the Wendeng environmental protection department to let her keep her job because she has more than 10 students to support. Since 1998, Li has helped 15 students from poor families.

Kang Yujing, a senior at Qufu Normal University in East China’s Shandong Province, is one of the 15 students helped by Li. She had been receiving 1,000 yuan from the kind-hearted grandmother yearly over the past four years. But she never imagined her “Rich Uncle Li” would turn out to be a sanitary worker and garbage collector, or even a 64-year-old woman, before meeting her in April.

After finding out the identity of her “angel” the Year Four undergraduate of Qufu Normal University decided to visit her. When she saw Li sweeping the Wendeng street, Kang ran towards her and held her tightly.

She burst into tears, as she had never imagined that the money given to her was from such a humble old woman doing such hard work.
“I had always thought that the philanthropist was a rich man called ‘Uncle Li’.”

In her thank-you letters to Li, Kang addressed her as “Uncle Li” before their meeting on April 19.

Li, whose colleagues call “Iron Feet Li”, has always spent all her money helping the poor and the underprivileged. She leads a very simple life and lives in a crude home with an old donated TV set as the only appliance.

Wendeng’s construction bureau has given Li 50,000 yuan for living expenses, but she has donated all of the money, against the advice of her colleagues.

She also decided, after discussing it with her two married daughters, to donate her organs after her death.
Li has also donated 100,000 yuan to victims of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and to other charitable causes.

Li may be just a poor garbage collector but she has a heart of gold!
It is people like her that makes our world a much better place.
Source: An email from Mr. Lim Chin Hong.
How many of us are willing to go down to such a state.
Instead, we push and fight to get even more and always want to be ahead of others in nearly everything.
Some even put themselves to the state of grabing or taking away others' rights.
Some who are so engrossed with self glory and pride, willing indulge in humiliting or bad mouthing others who perhaps in their eyes have gained something ahead of them which they tend to ask why not them?
If we could just be grateful with what we have or gained and always have good thought of others or what they have or gained, then we don't have to go down to level of Li Yukun to be look upon as a person with the heart of gold.
The problem is, many have the mentality of kiasuism.

02 April 2011

Who Are The Chinese of Malaysia?

Written by Mariam Mokhtar

Some of them whom we would identify as Malaysian Chinese will call themselves Chinese, but a good percentage would prefer to be known as Malaysian.

Regardless of what the Malays or other races call them, why is there such mistrust between the Malays and the Chinese? A few Chinese would claim that the Malays fear them. The Malays would say that they loathe the Chinese. Why is there so much animosity between the two?

We are told that each time BN gets less than the expected support from Chinese voters at an election, the general consensus is: “Why are the Chinese ungrateful?”

The Chinese have the same as what any other Malaysian should get. They may not be entitled to the various handouts of the affirmative action policies doled out by the government. Many contend that they achieve success, through hard work and determination.

Read more here.

01 April 2011

Sexypolitics 1

View the following video then ponder and make your conclusion.

Source here.
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