23 December 2010

New Set of Nilai Murni?

I am putting on this post, may be quite sarcastic after reading some articles or statements through various source of media or observing the behaviour of our political and public service leaders.

It seems all those nilai murni (good virtues) we are doing our best to be imparted into our children mind and behaviour through our school's system would not go far and doom to be failed. This is because new set of nilai-nilai murni are now the order of the day. The most prominent one is lying. Next is abuse of power, third is vanity, follow by hypocrisy, envy, vindictive, victimizing, lording, disguising and kiasuing. One may add in more of these equivalent values.

Obviously these values are being practice by most of our so called leaders or people whom our children are looking at or engaging with whether they are from our top political and government leaders to the basic organization in our school system.

Perhaps our hard working and good-hearted teachers can immortalized these new values into our children mind through a series of ritual activities equivalent to praying as what they are doing in the Pendidikan Moral (moral education) lessons, so that they can be unconsciously practicing them without knowing it.

Looking at the trend, we are actually at it and at the fast tract. We are observing that these values are the gateway to successful life or earthly heaven and become the new virtues of humanity.

The real good values and behaviours one is taught through one's religious belief seem to be the unrealistic values which seem to bring one to no way and to be the real victim of the present emphasis of the false self realization.


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