30 December 2011

We Should Not be Remembered for the Wrong Reason.'

Come the time we all have to meet the utmost supreme judge of all, the Almighty, even for some who may not believe in Him but still would be judged by Nature, is not Both the same? Of a certainty, He is the fairest of all judges and the passed 'powerful' earthly judges and dictators shall verily receive the judgment they deserve.
Could it be the Almighty is giving a reminder to whom it may concern to be fair in his up coming judgement? May he be guided by the righteous alignment of his faith.

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28 December 2011

God vs Religion

The Abrahamic faiths all believe that there is only one God. That makes it easy. However, there are three Abrahamic faiths and many more branches and sub-branches of these three faiths. And each of these faiths, branches and sub-branches claims that it is the only true faith and that all the others are false. That makes it complicating.

by Raja Petra Kamarudin

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Some interesting comments to ponder!

God Who created everything cannot be man made but religions are man made. For only with man are there religions. How can man made the mountains and all there is? By chance? Evolution? That exactly is God and you know not. Do you think that God had a brain, two hands and two legs? God is all powerful . He can take what ever forms He wishes.
All religions are created by man and are supposed to guide man in this life and many are hijacked and abused by men for their own gain or blindly following them out of fear or are deceived. Religions are teachings but knowing God and walking with Him, no teachings can teach but by love and compassion for all there is. .
Well religion came about when men were primitive.
Now that men are educated they can think.
So they will eventually come to a revelation that they are a colony of microbes in the sewage of the universe.
But GOD is good business. You know a lot of people survive doing whatever with it. Lets not deprive their livelihood. This is as far as GOD can go, I guess.
People who believe in Gods are cowards using God to frighten others into submission. Just look around our world. Some cowards when they are in majority who profess certain religion will kill in the name of God. When you isolate these cowards they will be as tame as a kitten.
Believing in God, The Force, The Energy, The Structuredness, sets you free. Believing in Religions enslaves you. All Religions are man made. I am not a Religionist.
If at all these are the doings of God to prove of his existence, this God must be crazy then to have put us in such a deplorable situation. Let's face it, we are bonded slaves in the name of religions and for all things craving in our pursuits for spiritual and materialistic gains here now and the aftermath. Is this the ultimate truth leading to the liberation of mankind and all living species and, if so, liberated from what and from whom? This is the question that begs reckoning!
The backbone of religion is the unwavering belief in one God. Their basis is on "faith" in the absence of proof. Atheists get attacked most just because they do not believe in God. It's the way some of us are wired genetically. Some of us (minority) always ask a lot of questions (challenging ones) but most people just accept & embrace what they are being told. Religion requires unquestioning obedience, but not all of us will just take it lying down. The more I look at the ugly world around us, the more convinced I am that God is man-made and religion is a mass control tool (very effective one).
When I was a small kid, to be exact in Primary school, one of my classmates told me, religion is like a dog tag. You have your dog tag, he has one, and I also have one. And we are so proud to display our tags. As an adult(old now), pride has nothing to do with religion to me. But alas, we still see so many people displaying their dog tags with pride and willing to kill the other guy, if that guy so much as comment unfavourably on his dog tag(religion).
I have always written that if these prophets of old were to return in their orginal form and declare that they are the prophets of old come to clear up things, nobody will believe them.
Sometimes I find it amusing and silly for people to argue over God and profess that their faiths are the true faiths, so much so that they behave as though they are God reincarnates and do or say things that are against the norms, practices and customs in society.
Cant we allow ourselves to practice and have the freedom to choose how we wish to practice our faith in peace???
It must be hard to be a God in this complex world.
What a mess God has done to this world. And we are stuck in this battle between the God and the Satan.
I wish God has not created all these and leave the way things were and God can relax and do whatever he/she wants.. Take a vacation, may be?
It is interesting that Malaysians have very little to do with the root of the Abrahamic faiths in the Middle East (we are not Jews, Palestinians, Arabs, etc.) and yet we argue about religion with more fervor than most of them.
Religion is created by man in the name of god to control mankind. It is the greatest tool where no force or power is necessary to influence and control a society to confirm to a certain doctrine that may suit the society at the relevant time. While religion teaches many good things (the selling point) it also teaches man "us against them" mentality.
I believe in A GOD for the core of my existence in mind,body and soul. Without my believe in God, I am devoid,soulless and lifeless. But I certainly have no need to put a name to my believe in God. I don't need to label myself a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc,etc. and I most certainly don't need to be in a mosque,church,temple or a synagogue for me to touch base with God daily. I am absolutely at peace.
The only truth in religions is that god exists. Everything else is lies and nonsense!
God does exist but man has usurped the power of God in His Name by creating many dos and don'ts to control the masses like compliant little mindless sheeps. Anyone that does not comply or simply questioned them is condemned or even put to death violently. Sometimes I wonder if these people are the servants of Satan by their actions and agenda. God is all loving and forgiving but these people preaches hate and killing. Go figure. smilies/tongue.gif

26 December 2011

Kah..Kah..Kah... is a trademark of ...

Possibly many know whose trademark of Kah..Kah..Kah... belongs to.

I like it very much the first time I entered his blog and read through to the end of an interesting and hilarious but stinging article written by him. Usually he would end up with his article with this phrase.... kah..kah..kah...

Another favourite term commonly used by him is ...woit!
And off course the gerombolan.

Who else if not Hishamuddin Rais, the hilarious social activist, well known for his struggle for the tertindas people of Baling during the 70s.

Everyone who is interested to read his mind can get into his blog Tukar Tiub here. You might also highly possible to end up learning aplenty new meaning of the old Malay vocabulary and don't mention the new invention of vocab. by him.

Earth-Like Planet Found!

Space Telescope Spots 'Earth-Like' Planet 600 Light Years Away

This artist's conception illustrates Kepler-22b, a planet known to comfortably circle in the habitable zone of a sun-like star Photo: NASA

This artist's conception illustrates Kepler-22b, a planet known to comfortably circle in the habitable zone of a sun-like star. It is the first planet that NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed to orbit in a star's habitable zone - the region around a star where liquid water, a requirement for life on Earth, could persist. The planet is 2.4 times the size of Earth, making it the smallest yet found to orbit in the middle of the habitable zone of a star like our sun. Scientists do not yet know if the planet has a predominantly rocky, gaseous or liquid composition. It's possible that the world would have clouds in its atmosphere, as depicted here in the artist's interpretation.

Read more here.

P/S: How nice if the so-called idealists especially the self-proclaimed 'religio-idealist' who find themselves can't accept with the going on surround them or wish to be on their own without even a single being different from them, can transport themselves to this new world (since they can't get rid of with the many kinds of infidels surround them) and then without delay proclaim 'this is our world, no infidel must be in' and then start their kind of idealism which they so hard up for! May the Almighty grant their wish.... look much like the world after next life.....kah..kah..kah..

25 December 2011

How About if the Person is Just an Ordinary Guy?

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 25 — The National Registration Department (JPN) apologised today for denying Perlis Mufti Dr Juanda Jaya’s daughter of an identity card, and for stating that she was not a Malaysian citizen.

“JPN apologises for the inconveniences that Dr Juanda Jaya had to go through at the Kuching, Sarawak JPN counter following the inability of the staff to explain the department’s procedure.

Read more here.

P/S: Hard luck for the JPN because they have poked into an hornet nest! But what would be the situation if the mufti were just a plain Mr. in front of his name and without any position or in general, the person were just an ordinary citizen who has nothing to show and shout about, nothing till the little napoleons can easily bullying them around, what so, to be noted by the media. Even if the little citizen were to shout, no one would be bothered!

Perhaps this is another reason why everyone wants to climb up the ladder of power so that one would not be taken lightly, not to be bullied around, media will take note of their outburst etc.

Adohai...nasib orang kebanyakan yang tiada apa-apa... lagilah kalau papa kedana!

Pendidikan Moral atau Pendidikan Sivik & Kewarganegaraan yang dipelajari di sekolah tidak selari dengan apa mereka alami di luar sana.... Minda menjadi berserabut dan berasap, langsung melahirkan manusia yang memberontak!

Budaya Pak Turut Keterlaluan

oleh : Markus Lim

Tidak dinafikan bahawa budaya pak turut ada kebaikannya tersendiri. Umpamanya apabila seseorang itu bekerja di sesebuah organisasi yang menginginkan kenaikan pangkat, sikap pak turut cukup penting.

Apa sahaja yang diminta oleh pihak atasan akan dijalankan dengan penuh dedikasi dan tanggungjawab. Malahan, segala arahan yang dikeluarkan walaupun hakikatnya mungkin bercanggah dengan prinsipnya, turut dianggap baik gara-gara hanya untuk memuaskan pihak atasan.

Motifnya mudah sahaja - semuanya berkisar kepada survival dalam dunia yang penuh kompetitif ini. Siapa yang akur dan patuh sudah pasti akan terus hidup. Sesungguhnya, mereka tidak bersalah dalam konteks ini. Malah boleh dikatakan pekerja-pekerja ini amat baik kerana patuh kepada arahan. Lebih penting lagi, ia adalah sejajar dengan budaya hormat-menghormati yang dijunjung tinggi oleh masyarakat setempat.

Namun begitu, apabila budaya pak turut diamalkan secara membuta-tuli dan tidak bertempat seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh segelintir pemimpin politik (tanpa mengira pembangkang atau kerajaan), maka seharusnya ia diperbetulkan.

Sebagai pemimpin yang mewakili suara rakyat, seseorang pemimpin politik itu haruslah berpijak pada bumi nyata dan memperjuangkan isu berlandaskan kepada prinsip dan kebenaran, bukannya kesetiaan yang membuta-tuli.

Sudah pasti, benda yang betul harus dikatakan betul dan bukan sebaliknya kerana kegagalan menuju ke arah itu merupakan satu ketidakadilan dan penghinaan kepada prinsip keadilan.

Baca lagi di sini.

P/S: Ini macam cerita Hang Tuah dengan Hang Jebat. Dah lama tak dengar atau melihat filem cerita ini, malah TV pun tak mengulang cerita ini dalam retro filem-filem Tan Sri P. Ramlee. Nak jadi Hang Tuah atau nak jadi Hang Jebat? Kalau jadi Hang Tuah yang jujur, pak turut yang lurus bendul, akhirnya kena fitnah dan dihukum bunuh. Kalau jadi Hang Jebat, awal-awal lagi sudah kena bunuh oleh little napoleon! Kah..kah..kah..

Another Merry Christmas Day...! Ho..Ho..Ho..Ho!

To all readers and visitors of this blog,
Best Wishes

Sincerely from:


24 December 2011

So Plastic! - Human's Hypocricy

JOHOR BARU: An unemployed man was jailed two years for stealing six boxes of shampoo worth RM107.40 at a supermarket. Read more here.

SHAH ALAM: A former Selangor MB was found guilty today of abusing his influence to buy a luxury home and land at a discount of up to RM3 million. The judge sentenced the former MB to 12 months’ imprisonment and ordered the seizure of the property. Read more here.

P/S: Surely this is one of the reasons everyone wants to fight to get up to the top of the ladder. Beside to show off and to feel damn great of genius or having super IQ, it has the huge unseen privilege to abuse and be abusive. Those who hold power seem to be making themselves look strong with the ciput but making themselves look so small like Tom the Cat when dealing with those who they see more powerful than them, but then every moment selling God's name for cover up.

Many ridicule the Jews for their Zionism but what's the different when one is practicing or having the mindset of something like that or as small as postulated above.

More disgusting when it is said and done in the name of God. Perhaps, God is not color-blind but also sees colours, that's why He created so many colours... Then, one will proudly takes out the words of God... He created us in many colours for us to see and to appreciate the beauty of the various colours... rhetorically fantastic! But, due to greed, lust and power, all those God's words are nonsense! Merely as a privilege to disguise! But again, some who are in the same boat will buy it and be the diehard followers, humiliating fellow human being to satisfy their greed, lust and fantasy....

23 December 2011

Salah atau Tidak Salah, Haram atau Tidak Haram?

Katalah saya adalah seorang pengetua di sebuah sekolah menengah. Saya sedang menghadapi masalah kewangan untuk membiayai kos guaman suatu urusan peribadi. Pada masa yang sama saya sebagai pengetua baru sahaja menerima semua kutipan wang yuran murid-murid daripada guru kelas masing-masing.

Memandangkan saya sangat memerlukan wang untuk menyelesaikan bayaran guaman yang saya hadapi maka saya telah nekad 'meminjam' wang dari kutipan yuran murid tersebut dengan melengahkan tempoh memasukkan wang kutipan yuran tersebut ke dalam akaun sekolah.

Saya akan 'membayar balik' wang yang saya 'pinjam' itu dengan memasukkan wang tersebut ke dalam akaun sekolah apabila saya telah menerima gaji saya pada hujung bulan atau dari sumber-sumber lain.

Pastinya tiada sesiapa yang akan mengetahui tindakan saya tersebut atau tidak berani sesiapa dalam sekolah itu akan mempersoalkannya kerana saya adalah pengetua. Lagi pun saya hanya pinjam untuk satu tempoh tertentu sahaja dan saya membayar balik wang tersebut apabila saya memperoleh gaji saya! Juga saya telah banyak berjasa kepada sekolah dengan mengorbankan masa dan tenaga untuk membangunkan sekolah saya. Jadi tidak salah sekolah membantu saya pula apabila saya menghadapi kesusahan seperti ini. Dan yang paling penting saya selalu mengingati Tuhan dan sentiasa mempertahankan kemuliaanNya. Pastinya Tuhan pun meluluskan tindakan terpaksa saya ini.

Salahkah atau tidak salah?
Haramkah atau tidak haram?
Salah guna kuasakah atau tidak?
Adakah stakeholders terus memberikan sokongan kepada saya sebagai pengetua sekolah?

Kalau jawapannya tidak, tidak, tidak dan ya, bolehlah perlakuan yang seangkatannya ini dilakukan selalu oleh mereka yang berkuasa!

Patutlah ramai yang gila kuasa....!


20 December 2011

Kenyang Dengan Slogan

Kita diperdaya dengan longgokkan slogan-slogan satu demi satu apabila bertukar kepimpinan negara. Rakyat sudah terlalu kenyang dengan slogan-slogan tetapi kesemua slogan itu hanya tinggal slogan tanpa membuahkan apa-apa hasil yang memberi muafaat kepada rakyat ramai.

Aspan Alias

Baca lagi di sini.

19 December 2011

End of a Reclusive Leader - Kim Jong-Il is Dead

North Korean leader Kim dead
December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-Il died of heart attack, son heir apparent.

SEOUL: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has died aged 69 of a heart attack, state media announced Monday, plunging the impoverished nuclear-armed nation into uncertainty.

The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the leader “passed away from a great mental and physical strain” at 8:30 am on Saturday while on a train for one of his “field guidance” tours.

It urged people to follow Kim’s youngest son and heir apparent Kim Jong-Un, who is aged in his late 20s.

Read more here and here and here.

Lies, Lies, Lies (3)

Some just do not feel shy to lie.
Their skin are just too thick.
But worse they use religion or God's name to do the cover up.

And the same, the naives and the ignorants, not least those with self-interest will buy their lies!


Real Possible!

Top 20 Non-Winnable Candidates in GE-13:
Guess who they are?

Read more here.

17 December 2011

Watch Comet Lovejoy Plunges Toward The Sun and Survive!

Comet Lovejoy Survives Fiery Plunge Through Sun, NASA Says

A newfound comet defied long odds on Thursday (Dec. 15), surviving a suicidal dive through the sun's hellishly hot atmosphere, according to NASA scientists.

Comet Lovejoy plunged through the sun's corona at about 7 p.m. EST (midnight GMT on Dec. 16), coming within 87,000 miles (140,000 kilometers) of our star's surface. Temperatures in the corona can reach 2 million degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 million degrees Celsius), so most researchers expected the icy wanderer to be completely destroyed.

But Lovejoy proved to be made of tough stuff. A video taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft showed the icy object emerging from behind the sun and zipping back off into space.

Read more here.

12 December 2011

Chinese Philosophy?

Like to share the following so-called Chinese Philosophy which I received through an email yesterday from my very good friend Mr. Lim Chin Hong, Taiping

Chinese Philosophy


When without money, keep pigs;
When have money, keep dogs.


When without money, eat wild vegetables
at home;
When have money, eat same wild vegetables
in fine restaurant.


When without money, ride bicycle;
When have money, ride exercise machine.

When without money, wish to get married;
When have money, wish to get divorced.

When without money, wife becomes secretary;
When have money, secretary becomes wife

When without money, act like rich man;
When with money, act like poor man.

Man, O Man, never tells the truth:


Says share market is bad but keeps speculating;
Says money is evil but keeps accumulating


Says women are trouble-makers but keeps desiring them;
Says high positions are lonely but keeps wanting them.

Says smoking & drinking is bad but keeps partying;
Says heaven is good but refused to go.


In the rural area, chicken calls man awake;
In the cities, man calls for chickens.


In the past, famous actresses will not sell their bodies;
Now, actresses will sell their bodies to become famous

What is life about?

At one, YOU are the top priority

At ten, academic excellence is the top priority

At twenty, getting dates is the top priority

At thirty, a good career is top priority

At forty, keeping your body in shape is top priority

At fifty, beating others at mahjong is top priority

At sixty, keeping IT up is top priority

常常 健忘
At seventy, remembering something is top priority

At eighty, moving around is top priority

At ninety, knowing directions is top priority

At 100, having your portrait on the wall is top priority!

Some Just Have The Time For This

Artist Finds New Hidden Images in Mona Lisa Painting

Then, some will say what the different with me to waste my time indulging with this blog!!!!!

Read more here.

03 December 2011

Banjir Kilat Paling Buruk Sejak 1971 Melanda Bandar Kajang 1

Sejarah Kajang pada 2 December 2011

Terima kasih ariedrifke kerana telah muat naik untuk tontonan ramai.

Banjir Kilat Paling Buruk Sejak 1971 Melanda Bandar Kajang 2

Terima kasih Myvideo229 kerana telah muat naik untuk tontonan ramai

Banjir Kilat Paling Buruk Sejak 1971 Melanda Bandar Kajang 3

Terima kasih hajimee88 kerana telah muat naik untuk tontonan ramai

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