12 December 2010

No Development Funds For Opposition's Constituencies Which Also Means 'Discriminate' Your Own Supporters

by Americk Sidhu

... You see, a government is formed by the party with the most number of seats in Federal Parliament. That’s your party. There are other seats occupied by Malaysians representing other Malaysians who did not vote for your party but nevertheless are entitled to the same benefits of those Malaysians who did.

This is what a ‘democracy’ is all about. This means you get elected by a majority of the people to run the country for everyone. You are an employee of the people and I mean ALL the people and not just the ones who voted for you.

Part of your job is to be entrusted with the country’s coffers. Everyone contributes to these coffers, not just the people who voted for you.

Therefore you are running a government whose funds come from both your supporters and the supporters of the opposition. This is because everyone, unfortunately, has to pay taxes ...

Then you will now begin to appreciate that the money you have been entrusted with belongs not to you or your mates but to everyone in the country. It is not your personal money. It is the rakyat's money. It belongs to every Malaysian, even those who chose not to vote for your gang.

Therefore when you spend OUR money, you cannot be selective. If you feel you are able to allocate some funds for the betterment of the average citizen’s welfare, you must consider all citizens. You cannot select a few citizens to benefit from your misguided generosity based not on need but on your own whims and fancies. That is not the way things are supposed to work.

Otherwise it would be called ‘discrimination’, (or even bribery).

Using your own logic, what are those people who voted for your party in the last elections going to feel because they are caught in a constituency in which the opposition candidate got more votes and because of that they are being left out?

Do you think by ‘punishing’ those who voted for the opposition (and in so doing punishing your own supporters), will necessarily mean more votes for you next time around? Is that your logic?

Well, try this. Give everyone the benefit of development funds and perhaps everyone will vote for you next time. Or are you just simply unable to think outside the box?

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