30 September 2012

Amboi..... Orang Sabah Begitu Hebat..! Tapi... Betulke?

 Malaysia's Population Growth
1970 to 2010

 Peninsula Malaysia  =  164 %
                 Sarawak  =  148 %
                     Sabah  =  390 %

Walao eh... Sabahans are so good in making babies compared to Peninsula Malaysians and Sarawakians within the 40 years span from 1970 to 2010.
Sabahans made 2.38 babies compared to Peninsula 1 and 2.64 to Sarawakian 1.

Is there a logic for these figures?

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Why The Hongkies Live The Longest In The World?

The Hongkies are enjoying the longest life span in the world. 
If you ever wonder why, here are the reasons: 

1. Seniors in HK have truly world class government health care which is virtually free by world standards. 

2. Seniors enjoy a very active life-style in their daily get-togethers with other fellow seniors to do voluntary social work, because public transport for all seniors is very heavily subsidised. 

3. Every senior is rewarded with a no-means-test-required monthly stipend of HK$2200 in recognition of their past contribution to build up HK. 

How is the HK government able to provide all these benefits even with absolutely zero percent GST? 

The bureaucracy does not charge astronomical salaries for the services of ministers and top civil servants. One senior minister in HK has put his own view very clearly: 

“Just being given the opportunity to work for my fellow citizens is already a great honour for me that does not need to be waxed with any high salary."

"I cannot bring the high salary with me to my grave, but I can leave this Earth with the greatest satisfaction that I have helped my fellow citizens, and I will leave behind my humble honour in Hong Kong’s history books.” 

Source: An email from Mr. David Ng 

P/S:  Hong Kong's ICAC is one of the well known anti-corruption agencies in the world. Perhaps that's one of the reasons HK's government servants are corrupted-free and are highly responsible and have a very high moral values in carrying their duty without fear and favour thus the high efficiency and results.

Q: Can Malaysia achieve such a standard? Sure!  But need to do a dy/dx to wipe out the devils of all corrupted-entities in all of its activities.


25 September 2012

Negara Jadi Haru Biru Selepas Pemimpin Yang Memerintah Terlalu Lama

...jika sesebuah negara itu dipimpin oleh seseorang dengan jangkamasa yang terlalu panjang, negara itu akan kehilangan kepimpinan kerana semua mereka yang berkepimpinan itu akan mati ditelan masa. 

Bukan tidak ada contoh yang jelas yang boleh kita lihat dan dijadikan pelajaran. Presiden Tito memerintah hampir 3 dekad, akhirnya apabila beliau tiada Yugoslavia berpecah menjadi 5 negara kecil yang berperang tiada kesudahannya.

Presiden Marcos, seorang yang mula pemimpin yang demokratik akhirnya menjadi diktator dan memerintah selama 20 tahun, akhirnya Filipina sehingga hari ini belum lagi dapat bangun ke tahap yang mereka pernah alami dalam tahun enam puluhan. 

Begitu juga Indonesia yang diperintah Suharto selama 30 tahun menjadi haru-biru dan baru sekarang sahaja negara tersebut  telah kembali menjadi negara yang disegani dan negara demokrasi terbesar selepas India di Asia ini.

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24 September 2012

"I Rather Be Ungrateful Than A Stupid One" - Ex-Minister

A former Cabinet minister said he rather be called ungrateful than a stupid one, who doesn’t think, who follow blindly the dictates of arrogant leaders.

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P/S: How about you?  
Be a lembu dicucuk hidung (equivalent to stupid) or speak up against injustice?

23 September 2012

5 Signs A Politician Is Lying

Edited from Peaco Todd's article.
Politicians can be especially tricky to catch them lying since most of them have had so much practice.

They develop a keen sense of what we, the citizenry, want to hear: we warm to positive messages and flinch from painful truths. And because so many of us are woefully ignorant about the details of the issues, we, like sheep, are easily led. 

The best defense against a lie is knowledge. But apart from firsthand knowledge (or other reliable evidence) are there verbal and nonverbal clues that can give a liar away? 

Lying is harder than telling the truth. Lying is stressful. To be an effective liar requires that one rehearse and memorize detail rather than rely on memory. Because of the anxiety associated with lying and the perceived sense of the importance of the lie, the liar often will give him- or herself away. This is especially true of politicians since their lives can be exhaustingly busy and lies require energy and constant attention.

Some people are simply really good at lying. Many signs, such as the fleeting facial tics known as “micro-expressions,” are extremely difficult for a lay person to distinguish. When applying the following clues to uncover lies and liars, it’s good policy to temper hubris with modesty: understand that you might get it wrong. But careful use of them might help you get it right.  
1. Notice eye contact. 
It’s a myth that liars won’t or can’t make eye contact. However, look for unnatural eye contact: either the person is unable to maintain contact or s/he fixes you (or the camera) with a strained and aggressive stare. 

2. Read body language. 
Pay attention to such indicators as crossed arms or legs, slouching or tilting the head away: these can indicate the discomfort that accompanies lying. 

3. Follow the eyes
Many researchers posit that when the eyes look up and to the right (his or her right, not yours) this suggests that the part of the brain linked to the imagination is being triggered. Conversely, the eyes looking down and to the left might indicate the part of the brain linked to memory. 

4. Look at the hands. 
Often liars’ hands will speak eloquently of deception. Watch for clenched fists, covering the mouth or part of the face, rubbing the eyes, scratching on or behind the ear.

5. Pay attention to detail.
The person who offers too much detail, especially unasked, might be lying. Because the narrative of the lie is fabricated, the liar can often be tripped up by inconsistencies in the story, especially if the same questions are repeated after some time has passed. Politicians’ lips always move and it’s not always lies that emanate. To truly become a lie detector, you need to arm yourself with information and intuition. But if you do notice someone’s pants on fire. To read more about the signs of deception, check out these websites: 

Read more here

P/S: With the anticipated GE13 is getting very near, many politicians are scrambling to get to be selected by their respected party and get to be noticed by the voters and ultimately to be elected in the GE, they start to talk a lot and promising the moon and stars by talking nonsense. Therefore, now is the best time to apply the above knowledge to detect those politicians who are shamelessly lying to the core when they start open their big mouth. Perhaps we can take one of ex-PMs or the present PM or the Opposition Leader as a good example of the above study.
If in your evaluation you found out most of the politicians from a particular party were liars, are you going to keep putting your votes for these unscrupulous devils
Why not do a dy/dx for a better one, even it's an unknown angel!

17 September 2012

Greed - Reserves A Place In Hell

It is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary Malaysians to find decent affordable housing in urban areas.

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A blog reader complains:

I’m trying to buy a second-hand apartment or condo. The owner bought at a low price but is selling at a very high price. I saw an 800 sq feet apt selling for RM280K but the banks valued it at RM180K–200K!

These people are greedy. It may be their choice to sell at a price they like but how to get buyers if your unit is ridiculously priced?

In areas near Batu Ferringhi, homes are bought up by foreigners. Most housing caters to the rich. It’s disappointing. Even a 700 sq ft bird cage-like-unit is going for RM300K!

I wish there would be laws that control how much owners can sell their units for. So many places are only for the rich and I wonder .... how many millionaires, billionaires are there? I even heard that a guy bought three units at RM90K each but is selling each at RM180k to RM200K!

Greed - Reserves a place in hell.

P/S: You are right, hope these greedy people and the irresponsible power-that-be be reserved a bungalow in hell. Serve them right!

Wish leaders of Penang People's Government be the first to come out with a law to control the price, after all DAP's main ideology is socialism! Please don't betray the majority of people who have done the dy/dx to vote you in! 

The Thieves Are Our Own Leaders

Unless you follow this advice you will lose your birthright, which will be taken from you by strangers and speculators who will in their turn become masters and owners, whilst you yourselves, you people of the soil, will be thrown aside, and become nothing but coolies and outcasts of the island.

The prophecy of the betrayal of the trusting people has come to pass. While the people slept, the thieves came softly in the night and took our lands, casting us aside.

Tragically, the betrayers of the people are not strangers but our own leaders.

Baru Bian,

Read more here

P/S: To stop the thieves from further damaging our land, why not doing a dy/dx with the power in your hand, your vote!

16 September 2012

Malaysia Day 2012

May This Lead To A Real New Beginning 
For This Beloved Country

Sincerely from:

15 September 2012

Would U Look Like This?

This is exactly the same look you'd get from your 
friends when you tell them you plan to act silly, 
such as to vote for ......., a proven failed entity!

Source: An email from C.H.Lim, Taiping

11 September 2012

911 - 11 Years On, The Pain Still Linger On!

Americans mark 11th anniversary of 9/11 attacks September 11, 2012
The Tribute in Light is illuminated next to the Statue of Liberty (C) and One World Trade Center (L) during events marking the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, September 10, 2012. — Reuters pic 

NEW YORK, Sept 11 — Memorial ceremonies marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks began Tuesday under clear blue skies that recalled the crisp morning 11 years ago when nearly 3,000 people were killed by airliners hijacked by Islamist militants. Two of the jets brought down the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Centre; another extensively damaged the Pentagon outside Washington and a fourth crashed in a field in rural Pennsylvania when passengers aboard that flight revolted against the hijackers. At Ground Zero in New York where the towers once stood, more than 1,000 relatives of those killed and others gathered for the annual reading of the list of 2,983 people killed at the three sites. 

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10 September 2012

Hi! Superman...

It's A Bird...! Oh, No...! It's An Airplane...! Oh, No...!
It's Superman...!

Betulke You 4 Orang Camni....!
Jawab...! Jangan Tak Jawab...!

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09 September 2012

All Of Us Belong To This Land!

Based on an article written by CT Ali.

Recently, someone high up has said this land belongs to a particular people and the particular people may risk losing the land to someone else who he has said is not the original people of this land. 

However CT Ali, a FMT columnist has said, how can the particular people lose this land when it never belonged to them in the first place! Instead he said this people belong to this land  – not the other way around. No other community, no other people, no other race can take away this land from this people – not when the others  have pledged themselves to belong to the same land. No one risked losing the land – but it is the land that risks losing all its people who have called this land is their home. 

So, the actual fact nobody or any single group, community or whoever he/she is, need to sound the alarm that they have to come forward to save this land from been taken away by someone else. Why?  Because all the people of this land who have helped and who are building this country to what it is today belong to this land 

Instead, the very same person or group who has sounded the alarm to a particular people or group to save this land from others should help to prevent the land from losing its people to somewhere else. 

This great country belongs to all who call it their home. We are all transient beings passing through this earth for a while. 

If really God has created a country for a particular people or group or better still the earth is for just one kind of people, then why must He creates different kind people in the first place. It make no sense for God to be such! And then there is no need to preach that we all come from the same root, Adam and Eve!

To those who have their hidden agenda and to protect their own selfish end, there is no right for you to declare this land belongs to you and your group and want to save it from others! Nobody is taking this land from anyone. All of us who we call it our home belong to this land. This is God's grace, this is God's creation, not you and me or anybody, even how mortally powerful one is then or now! 

If one still insist this is his/her land and need to be saved at all cost, then it is not worth to boast that he/she is glorifying God in the religion that he/she is now! Perhaps the tragedy that happened to Adam's two sons, where the elder killed his younger brother has cropped up into the person's mind to save his/her interest rather than to save the land from been taken by others! Indeed a devilish imagination!

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08 September 2012

To Be A Millionaire, Don't Just Sit There And Complain

There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire.
If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain.
Do something to make more money yourself.
Spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time working.
Become one of those people who work hard, invest and build and at the same time create employment and opportunities for others.

Gina Rineheart,
World Richest Woman. 

Source: The Star, 31 August 2012, World, p.43
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