28 March 2010

10 Health Benefits of Eggs

Another good piece of email from Mr. Lim Chin Hong, Taiping, Perak which I would like to reproduce and share it in this blog.
Eggs are great for the eyes. According to one study, an egg a day may prevent mascular degeneraton due to the carotenoid content, specifically lutein and zeaxanthin. Both nutrients are more readily available to our bodies from eggs than from other sources.
2. In another study, researchers found that people who eat eggs every day lower their risk of developing cataracts, also because of the lutein and zeaxanthin in eggs.
3. One egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids.
4. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, there is no significant link between egg consumption and heart disease. In fact, according to one study, regular consumption of eggs may help prevent blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.
5. They are a good source of choline. One egg yolk has about 300 micrograms of choline. Choline is an important nutrient that helps regulate the brain, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.
6. They contain the right kind of fat. One egg contains just 5 grams of fat and only 1.5 grams of that is saturated fat.
7. New research shows that, contrary to previous belief, moderate consumption of eggs does not have a negative impact on cholesterol. In fact, recent studies have shown that regular consumption of two eggs per day does not affect a person's lipid profile and may, in fact, improve it. Research suggests that it is saturated fat that raises cholesterol rather than dietary cholesterol.
8. Eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally occurring vitamin D.
9. Eggs may prevent breast cancer. In one study, women who consumed at least 6 eggs per week lowered their risk of breast cancer by 44%.
10. Eggs promote healthy hair and nails because of their high sulphur content and wide array of vitamins and minerals. Many people find their hair growing faster after adding eggs to their diet, especially if they were previously deficient in foods containing sulphur or B12.

26 March 2010

The Best Poem of 2009

Received this poem through an email from Kok Ah Moy, Kuala Lumpur.
This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2009,
Written by an African Kid
When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black
And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when! You die , you gray
And you calling me colored?

24 March 2010

Nothing is Impossible!

Yang Qingyou emailed me these presentations and I would like to post them here
Look around

Consider all options

Then GO for it! You've gotta stick your neck out

Use all your skills and positive attitude

Be creative

In the end, you will succeed and prove them wrong

Nothing is impossible, if your heart is willing and your attitude is positive

20 March 2010

We May Laugh At It But They Are Determine To Learn English

Should consider doing business with this cmpany...

Pray while listening to MP3...

The SOUL is out somewhere...

Mags that need to be refrigerated!

Even price hike is advertised!

So caring...

Building that can speak!

How about rooms for other things...

Wonder membership for this party open for males only!

You jump on the elevator = Go to jail!

Don't worry of water shortage, it can be constructed...

These cheese will turn you fearful person!

Recycle your used tissue here!

Perhaps there are Males who are not 'Man'

Very difficult to make up what it is about?

19 March 2010

Non-Top Scorers Can Be Successful

An interesting letter by Moses Kumar from Selangor published in NST Letters Column, March 18, 2010, which I find it interesting and would like to reproduce it over here to be pondered by those who did not get good results in the SPM exam announced recently.
As a teacher who has been teaching for the past 20 years, my heart goes to students who did not do well in public examinations. It's always heart wrenching to see them, especially after the SPM results.
One may say that these non-performers deserve it for not putting in more effort, but not all are academically inclined. They are not solely to be blamed as there are many reasons for their low performance.
Every individual is in a class of his own. What guarantee is there that the top scorers will be successful in life?
Good results enable them to secure good scholarships and study at well-known universities, both local and foreign. That's about it.
I have seen many non-top scorers who made it in the end. Today, these people are running successful businesses and even drive better cars than I do. Well done to them.
Eventhough they were not good academically, they had skills, humility and the eagerness to show they could do something in life. One thing that they had is this: they did not give up.
So, my advice to all those who did not get straight "As" is: Don't despair. There are avenues you can look for.
Don't be choosy. Look inward to discover your hidden talent and use that to create opportunities.
Parents, help your children. Help them discover their potential. Parents are accountable for what children become. Help them to choose the right path.
There are many areas the children can look at, including interior designing, sales, marketing and opening up a business.
I always tell my underachievers: If you have to sell burgers at the roadside, do it. It's an honest job. But at the same time, I tell them to strive to open a string of burger stalls; to create new recipes and look for opportunities to expand.
One day, these burger stall owners will feed those friends who scored straight "As". It is still a win-win situation.
Moses Kumar, Selangor.

18 March 2010

Medical Cure For High Blood Pressure and Other IIlness

Could hot cocoa be the next "wonder drug" for high blood pressure? Harvard researchers praise stunningly simple discovery! According to recent estimates, nearly 1-in-3 American adults has high blood pressure. But for the Kuna Indians living on a group of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama , hypertension doesn't even exist. In fact, after age 60, the average blood pressure for Kuna Indian islanders is a perfect 110/70.
Is it because they eat less salt? No. Kuna Indians eat as much, if not moresalt, than people in the U.S. Is it due to their genes? No. Kuna Indians who move away from the islands are just as likely to suffer from high blood pressure as anyone else! So what makes these folks practically "immune" to hypertension -- and lets them enjoy much lower death rates from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer?
Harvard researchers were stunned to discover it's because they drink about 5 cups of cocoa each day. That's right, cocoa! Studies show the flavonols in cocoa stimulate your body's production of nitric oxide -- boosting blood flow to your heart, brain, and other organs. In fact, one study found cocoa thins your blood just as well as low-dose aspirin! But that's not all. A Harvard Medical School professor claims cocoa can also treat blocked arteries, congestive heart failure, stroke, dementia, even impotence!
Painless cholesterol cure works in just 7 days and drives the "food police" crazy!

Want to lower your cholesterol so fast it'll make your head spin? It's a breeze, just eat guacamole or any dish containing avocados!
Most health experts and nutritionists will tell you this rich, delicious Mexican dish is BANNED from any cholesterol- watcher's menu. But not Dr. Steven Pratt. That's because new research shows eating avocados can lower your cholesterol even faster than drugs.... without the side effects!One study found after just 7 days on a diet including avocados, LDL ("bad") cholesterol and triglyceride levels dropped by 22 percent. Meanwhile, HDL ("good") cholesterol shot up 11 percent, something most cholesterol-lowering drugs won't do!

The Cinnamon Cure for High Blood Sugar.
Sprinkle a little cinnamon on your toast, cereal, oatmeal, or sliced apples. It not only tastes good, it lowers your blood sugar!
In a recent study, people reduced their blood sugar levels by as much as 29 percent in just 40 days. That's with NO drugs, NO diet changes, just plain old cinnamon!

The fat that blasts away cancer. You've been told cancer runs in families. You've been told what to eat and what NOT to eat, including LESS fat.
Yet Dr. Steven Pratt says there some fat you should eat MORE of. It's the monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, found in olive oil! It should come as no surprise. After all, olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet. And people in Spain and Greece are far less likely to develop cancer than in the U.S. But what's really interesting is how olive oil not only prevents cancer, it blasts away cancer cells that already exist! So if you're even the slightest bit worried about cancer, this is one SuperFood you don't want to be without!
NEW prostate-protecting champ trumps tomatoes! Unless you've been asleep under a rock for the past decade, you've heard the news about tomatoes. They contain a potent antioxidant called lycopene that's been proven to reduce the risk of certain cancers, in particular, prostate cancer.
A famous Harvard study back in 1995 found that out of 48,000 men surveyed, those who ate 10 or more servings of tomatoes a week reduced their risk of prostate cancer by more than one-third. What's more, they lowered their risk of aggressive prostate tumors (the kind that are really tough to treat) by HALF! But before you reach for that slice of pizza or bottle of ketchup, listen up. What if I told you about a sweet, refreshing food Dr. Steven Pratt recommends that's even better for your prostate than tomatoes? This new prostate protecting champ is watermelon! Ounce for ounce, watermelon is even richer in lycopene than tomatoes. And since you probably eat more watermelon in one sitting than you do tomatoes, you don't have to gorge on it 10 times a week in order to slash your cancer risk! Just a few times a week should do it.
Knock Out An Ulcer With Broccoli?!
About 25 million Americans will suffer from a peptic ulcer at some point in their lives. To get rid of their ulcers, most will take an antibiotic like amoxicillin. Pretty tame stuff, right? Wrong! Amoxicillin can bring with it unwanted side effects like fever, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, headache, even a yucky condition called "hairy tongue"! And if you think that's bad, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the cost of treating an ulcer with antibiotics over an average 17-day period can run upward of $1,000!
Fortunately, there's one unconventional treatment with NO side effects Dr. Pratt swears by. "Eat broccoli!" he says. Why? Broccoli contains a remarkably potent compound called sulforaphane, that kills off the H. pylori bacteria that cause most ulcers. Not only can it knock out an ulcer, eating one serving a day for a month might run you 20 bucks... a fraction of the cost of drugs.

16 March 2010

Is This Happened To Your Mouse?

Rely Too Much On Computer - Part 1

Another hilarious email I received from my very good friend, Mr. Lim Chin Hong, from Taiping, Perak.

Rely Too Much On Computer - Part 2

13 March 2010

Bengkel Membina JSU - SMK Tinggi Kajang

Bengkel JSU

Breathing Therapy Makes You Relax - Believe or Not?

Received this article through an email from Mr. David Ng from Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, about an ancient art....! that can make you relax and to overcome headche problem. The nose has a left and a right side; we use both to inhale and exhale. Actually they are different; you would be able to feel the difference. The right side represents the sun, left side represents the moon. During a headache, try to close your right nose and use your left nose to breathe. In about 5 mins, your headache will be gone? If you feel tired, just reverse, close your left nose and breathe through your right nose. After a while, you will feel your mind is refreshed. Right side belongs to 'hot', so it gets heated up easily, left side belongs to 'cold'. Most females breathe with their left noses, so they get "cooled off" faster. Most of the guys breathe with their right noses, they get worked up. Do you notice the moment we wake up, which side breathes faster? Left or right? ? If left is faster, you will feel tired. So, close your left nose and use your right nose for breathing, you will get refreshed quickly. This can be taught to kids, but it is more effective when practiced by adults. My friend used to have bad headaches and was always visiting the doctor. There was this period when he suffered headache literally every night, unable to study. He took painkillers, did not work. He decided to try out the breathing therapy here: closed his right nose and breathed through his left nose. In less than a week, his headaches were gone! He continued the exercise for one month. This alternative natural therapy without medication is something that he has experienced. So, why not give it a try?

12 March 2010

Safety Alert - The Next Time You're Pumping Gas To Your Car

Received an email from a close friend Mr. Lim Chin Hong, from Taiping, Perak regarding the danger when one is simultaneously on cellphone and fueling gasoline.
Please send this in formation to ALL your family & friends, especially those who have kids in the car with them while pumping gas. If this were to happen, they may not be able to get the children out in time.
Shell Oil Comments - A MUST READ!
Safety Alert!
Here's some reasons why we don't allow cell phones in operating areas, propylene oxide handling and storage area, propane, gas and diesel refueling areas.
The Shell Oil Company recently issued a warning after three incidents in which mobile phones (cell phones) ignited fumes during fueling operations
In the first case, the phone was placed on the car's trunk lid during fueling; it rang and the ensuing fire destroyed the car and the gasoline pump.
In the second, an individual suffered severe burns to their face when fumes ignited as they answered a call while refueling their car!
And in the third, an individual suffered burns to the thigh and groin as fumes ignited when the phone, which was in their pocket, rang while they were fueling their car.
You should know that: Mobile Phones can ignite fuel or fumes.
Mobile phones that light up when switched on or when they ring release enough energy to provide a spark for ignition
Mobile phones should not be used in filling stations, or when fueling lawn mowers, boat, etc.
Mobile phones should not be used, or should be turned off, around other materials that generate flammable or explosive fumes or dust, (I.e., solvents, chemicals, gases, grain dust, etc...)
To sum it up, here are the Four Rules for Safe Refueling:
1) Turn off engine
2) Don't smoke
3) Don't use your cell phone - leave it inside the vehicle or turn it 0ff
4) Don't re-enter your vehicle during fueling.
Bob Renkes of Petroleum Equipment Institute is working on a campaign to try and make people aware of fires as a result of 'static electricity' at gas pumps. His company has researched 150 cases of these fires.
His results were very surprising:
1) Out of 150 cases, almost all of them were women.
2) Almost all cases involved the person getting back in their vehicle while the nozzle was still pumping gas. When finished, they went back to pull the nozzle out and the fire started, as a result of static.
3) Most had on rubber-soled shoes.
4) Most men never get back in their vehicle until completely finished. This is why they are seldom involved in these types of fires.
5) Don't ever use cell phones when pumping gas
6) It is the vapors that come out of the gas that cause the fire, when connected with static charges.
7) There were 29 fires where the vehicle was re-entered and the nozzle was touched during refueling from a variety of makes and models. Some resulted in extensive damage to the vehicle, to the station, and to the customer.
8) Seventeen fires occurred before, during or immediately after the gas cap was removed and before fueling began.
Mr. Renkes stresses to NEVER get back into your vehicle while filling it with gas.
If you absolutely HAVE to get in your vehicle while the gas is pumping, make sure you get out, close the door TOUCHING THE METAL, before you ever pull the nozzle out. This way the static from your body will be discharged before you ever remove the nozzle.
As mentioned earlier, The Petroleum Equipment Institute, along with several other companies now, are really trying to make the public aware of this danger.
Please send this in formation to ALL your family and friends, especially those who have kids in the car with them while pumping gas. If this were to happen to them, they may not be able to get the children out in time. Thanks for passing this along.

11 March 2010

LPG Gas Cylinders - Expiry Dates

Received an email from a collegue, Mr. Lee Gim Leong, from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. A very useful infromation which I would like to share it over here. Please take a bit of your time to read through.
LPG Gas Cylinders - Beware of Expiry Dates
Dear friends, You may want to let your maids know as well when they receive the gas cyclinder from the vendor next time..
This is really very good information for all of us to remember. Please check your household gas tank cylinder as soon as possible.Knowing the uncouth characters we have to deal with, you should never be surprised that they will continue to use old tanks, though they will also tell youthat they get their supplies in the tanks now sold to us. Insist on newer tanks!
Do you know that LPG gas cylinders have expiry dates? Expired LPG cylinders are not safe for use and may cause accidents. In this regard, please be cautious at the time of accepting any LPG cylinder from your vendor.
Here is how we can check on the expiry of LPG cylinders: On one of three side stems of the cylinder, the expiry date is coded alpha numerically as follows: A or B or C or D and some two digit number following this, e.g. D06. The alphabets stand for quarters -
1. A for March (first quarter),
2. B for June (second quarter),
3. C for September (third quarter), &
4. D for December (fourth quarter).
The digits stand for the year till it is valid. Hence D06 would mean December quarter of 2006. Please return back the cylinder that you get with an expired date. They are prone to leaks and other hazards .

This second example of D13 allows the cylinder to be in use until December 2013.

03 March 2010

Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth

Tue Mar 2, 10:00 am ET - The massive 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile may have changed the entire Earth's rotation and shortened the length of days on our planet, a NASA scientist said Monday. The quake, the seventh strongest earthquake in recorded history, hit Chile Saturday and should have shortened the length of an Earth day by 1.26 milliseconds, according to research scientist Richard Gross at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
"Perhaps more impressive is how much the quake shifted Earth's axis," NASA officials said in a Monday update. The computer model used by Gross and his colleagues to determine the effects of the Chile earthquake effect also found that it should have moved Earth's figure axis by about 3 inches (8 cm or 27 milliarcseconds).
The Earth's figure axis is not the same as its north-south axis, which it spins around once every day at a speed of about 1,000 mph (1,604 kph).
The figure axis is the axis around which the Earth's mass is balanced. It is offset from the Earth's north-south axis by about 33 feet (10 meters). Strong earthquakes have altered Earth's days and its axis in the past. The 9.1 Sumatran earthquake in 2004, which set off a deadly tsunami, should have shortened Earth's days by 6.8 microseconds and shifted its axis by about 2.76 inches (7 cm, or 2.32 milliarcseconds).
One Earth day is about 24 hours long. Over the course of a year, the length of a day normally changes gradually by one millisecond. It increases in the winter, when the Earth rotates more slowly, and decreases in the summer, Gross has said in the past.
The Chile earthquake was much smaller than the Sumatran temblor, but its effects on the Earth are larger because of its location. Its epicenter was located in the Earth's mid-latitudes rather than near the equator like the Sumatran event. The fault responsible for the 2010 Chile quake also slices through Earth at a steeper angle than the Sumatran quake's fault, NASA scientists said. "This makes the Chile fault more effective in moving Earth's mass vertically and hence more effective in shifting Earth's figure axis," NASA officials said.
Gross said his findings are based on early data available on the Chile earthquake. As more information about its characteristics are revealed, his prediction of its effects will likely change. The Chile earthquake has killed more than 700 people and caused widespread devastation in the South American country.
Several major telescopes in Chile's Atacama Desert have escaped damage, according to the European Southern Observatory managing them. A salt-measuring NASA satellite instrument destined to be installed on an Argentinean satellite was also undamaged in the earthquake, JPL officials said. The Aquarius instrument was in the city of Bariloche, Argentina, where it is being installed in the Satelite de Aplicaciones Cientificas (SAC-D) satellite. The satellite integration facility is about 365 miles (588 km) from the Chile quake's epicenter.
The Aquarius instrument is designed to provide monthly global maps of the ocean's salt concentration in order to track current circulation and its role in climate change.
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