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13 October 2015

Who Actually Gamble Away Chinese Future?

Clever Voter: MCA no longer has the legitimacy to represent the Chinese community. The political party did not recover ever since its internal feud and scandals of the 70s. The leadership owes its livelihood to Umno, which is also on the decline.

The slow death of the party is inevitable. The party has no moral values and years of neglect in upholding important elements of trust, credibility and capability have shifted even its traditional support to elsewhere.
MCA should ask why would the current and future generations gamble their future on them? The future is on strengthening the Malaysian identity. The majority of Malaysians want a national identity that brings together our diverse population.
MCA, in other words, is backward in its thinking and holding on to its past as well as corrupt partners can only lead to its extinction.
Turvy: MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong’s language is revealing. For him, politics and the interests of people are like a lottery.
The Chinese built their destiny in this country and are most loyal and committed to this nation. It is this, their fierce patriotism, which frightens Umno.
It also frightens MCA, because it is this quality of the Chinese that makes the party irrelevant.
Odin Tajué: Wee, the fact is simple. You want the Chinese to vote for MCA candidates so that you will continue to enjoy the salary, the perks and the prestige you are now enjoying.
Now tell your fellow Chinese what you have done to put a stop to all that, and if they are convinced, maybe they will vote for your party the next time around.
Otherwise, you can always cry. Like what you did that one time.
Haven't we heard this tired argument before? MCA needs to check Umno to protect "Chinese interest".
So before Wee continues to blackmail the Chinese, he should ask himself - what has MCA done in government that is actually reflective of the majority of voters’ aspirations in this country?
The Pragmatist: Indeed, Malaysians want leaders that are capable and with integrity to serve the people to progress, regardless of race and faith. MCA has failed to do that miserably.
The race card doesn't work in this era where Chinese Malaysians are better informed and educated.
Shamu99Wee, it's MCA that's gambling away Chinese future, not the other way around.
MCA Member: I hate to read or hear about MCA leaders talking about fighting for Chinese interests. I am a MCA member. Times have changed and I have changed, too.
It is high time to get rid of race-based political parties because they will tend to divide the rakyat. I would like MCA to transform itself into a multiracial party and fight for the interest of the have-nots, irrespective of race and religion.
Only then will I vote for MCA again, otherwise Wee's hunch will turn into reality - MCA will be wiped out in GE14. I am absolutely sure about that.
Justine Gow: Instead of advising the Chinese on how to vote, MCA should advise itself to be principled and stay on the right side of issues so that it does not become irrelevant to Malaysians.
SusahKes: Listen Wee, we know what it is that MCA is really interested in, and it has nothing to do with representing the Chinese community.
We didn't vote for you, and neither did we ask MCA to go back and grovel at Umno for cabinet posts. It was you who threatened the community with non-representation in the last GE, and it was you who ran back to Umno with your tail in between your legs.
We've known for a long time that cabinet positions were more important to MCA than the interest of the Chinese.
You explained your about-face by telling us that without cabinet posts, MCA cannot look after Chinese interests.
And yet MCA is unable to even deal with a 'junior' deputy minister, such as Tajuddin Abdul Rahman. So stop pretending.
P/S: I am too a MCA member, and surely I am still a member because my name still intheir list but not sure whether I am a phantom member because since I joined the party, I was not been contacted by even the branch's MCA leadership and I have not paid a single sen of annual fee except when I applied to be a member. I was told the fees were paid by the branch's chairman. So generous the branch chairman but actual fact it is for his own benefit which serves as to enhance his 'power' based on the number of members in the branch. How not to disgusted with the party. Campaign and get more members but never take care of  the members but talk big to boost its membership.

08 October 2015


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