29 November 2011

To the Warlords & Power Crazy Heads - People Have Changed!

"..... the people have changed and these changes are not only related to politics or elections as the change is happening on a bigger scale..... The important word now is participation as they want to get involved in the decision-making process..... they want their voices to be heard, their roles recognised and their problems or issues resolved in reality.... and they want to do things differently,”

Saifuddin Abdullah,
Deputy Higher Education Minister.

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28 November 2011

They Are Hardly Any Idiots Left In Malaysia

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that the government must adapt to the changing environment and respond to an electorate that is increasingly intelligent.

"Today in this age, we are dealing with a very clever opposition. They are willing to question you, if they are not happy with what you do."

He joked that it was much more convenient for the people to be "slightly less intelligent" as they would not question the government but the reality is that intelligent people are required for the people's development.

"You can imagine there are hardly any idiots left in Malaysia, this gives the government a headache.

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P/S: So, if you do not how to question the authority of anything they do or force on you or what not, then you are a part of the idiots left in Malaysia..... kah..kah..kah...

A Coincidence Ordained By God?

by zorro-unmasked

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The caricature shown on the left obviously have stolen my interest where the black figure with the long hat, supposedly referring to a devil (who might be the person or persons?) were shown doing the work of splitting a member of a church and a member of a mosque.

According to zorro-unmasked this is similar to the work by individuals and groups bent on ensuring that unity amongst Muslim and Christians is a no-no.

What else can they do so that you come to hate me and I reciprocal it but for them to hold on to the reign of power and wealth.

Since they seem to be devils, surely they have plenty of 'black' ideas. But are we going to be so weak, physically, emotionally and brain power, till to be taken into their traps!

27 November 2011

‘Political Reality’ to have Malay PM

Political Reality to have Malay PM - LGE

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And this is an interesting comment by Ahmad Sobri (edited) ·

Malaysians, in particular the Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans had never demanded the PM's post! It is just a vicious lie by a certain political party to scare the Malays, and certain component of the non-Malay parties jumped on the band wagon to promote this LIE!

Malaysians had never fought over the post and Malaysians always understand the post is only relevant if given to a Malay. What the Malaysians particularly of the minority groups are demanding is that there is good governance. They want corruptions that is going on at an enormous scale to stop. They demand, equality before the law, they want justice and respects to be restored in every institution of the Government that had been raped by the current administration! They want accountability to the billions they pay in income tax!

Sometimes it is difficult to be a Malay in Malaysia, especially during the current political scenario, when the Government is spreading all sorts of lies and making use of race and religion to the core to score political points with the Malays! But, what is happening at NFC and Felda are going to have a telling effect come PRU 13! The young voters will be decisive and the good thing about it is that they are very aware of political happenings and at current level it is 70% pro PR, 20% undecided and 10% pro BN! The young voters understand that the Chinese, Indians, Ibans or Kadazans had never demanded the PM's post! Only, they are the words of politicians! Selamatkan Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia!

Minority races had never demanded the PM's post.

It is the work of the sycophant parties to divide and rule the country. They use the above to make the Malays go against the Chinese in particular. Just what had the Chinese done, besides, building the country, to deserve such shallow political tactics? And the most disgraceful thing is that you have parties which claim to represent the Chinese to work hand in gloves to perpetuate their lies and sins!

23 November 2011

Banana People, OCBC ...Kah..Kah..Kah... All This While This Is What I've Meant

So I am not alone and also not crazy when I whacked my own kind for their extreme ethnocentric. Look like having superiority complex but with deeper analysis seem to be insecure with their own inferior complex thus creating a situation which they think they are good at which artificially helps to project their superiority but actually lack in their own ability. Like when they brand their own kind who is not well verse in a certain dialect included Mandarin but they themselves also not good at it but only their own dialect, worse not well verse at all in English, the accepted international language, thus covering their own lack of ability by branding their own kind who is now an international community as banana fellow!

Not Chinese Enough? by Erna Mahyuni

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With thanks to Erna Mahyuni.

22 November 2011

Filem-Filem P.Ramlee

Jangan hanya melihat pada unsur hiburan dan ber..kah..kah..kah... sahaja, fikirkan juga unsur-unsur penyelewengan, salah guna kuasa atau segala aktiviti kemungkaran yang tersurat dan tersirat yang releven dengan suasana masa kini dan juga akan datang yang telah pun didedahkan oleh Allahyarham P.Ramlee kira-kira empat atau lima dekad lepas!

P Ramlee pengkritik sosial sepanjang zaman

Nazli Ibrahim

Baca lagi di sini.

20 November 2011

Usual Disguising or Camouflage Act

Another weakness in decision making process.
Another stupid testing ground to gauge people's feeling, judgement and reaction.
Another sandiwara to boast artificial self good image or fake high ability to listen and to consider people's reaction by reversing the decision.
Another syok sendiri and arrogance decision to show but to abuse it's administrative power.

The same pattern also exhibited at the implementation level but here it's worse because the little napoleons seem to be mute but very highly syok sendiri and easily get irritated due to their own perception that their power being challenged.

Only fools will grab the offer, praise and applause them!
Surely there are some chameleons smelling for opportunities.

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04 November 2011

R u Good in dy/dx?

For the spring to come,
then u must be good in doing the


If u don't, then u r just dreaming!

A bit knowledge and fun about dy/dy, here and here.

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