23 November 2009

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Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:31PM EST

1 in 3 Laptop Die in First Three Years

Buzz up! 267 votes, so your new laptop computer died in inside of a year. "I'll never buy a computer from [insert manufacturer name here] again!" I've heard the protests time and time again.
Yeah, maybe you got a lemon, but no matter which brand you bought, you truly are not alone in this situation: An analysis of 30,000 new laptops from SquareTrade, which provides aftermarket warranty coverage for electronics products, has found that in the first three years of ownership, nearly a third of laptops (31 percent) will fail.
That's actually better than I would have expected based on my experience and observations on how people treat their equipment.
SquareTrade has more detailed information (the full PDF of the company's study is available here) on the research on its website. But here are some highlights about how, why, and which laptops fail:
> 20.4 percent of failures are due to hardware malfunctions. 10.6 percent are due to drops, spills, or other accidental damage.
> Netbooks have a roughly 20 percent higher failure rate due to hardware malfunctions than standard laptops. The more you pay for your laptop, the less likely it is to fail in general (maybe because you're more careful with it?).
> The most reliable companies? A shocker: Toshiba and Asus, both with below a 16 percent failure rate due to hardware malfunction.
> The least reliable brands? Acer, Gateway, and HP. HP's hardware malfunction rate, the worst in SquareTrade's analysis, is a whopping 25.6 percent.
None of the numbers are overly surprising. As SquareTrade notes, "the typical laptop endures more use and abuse than nearly any other consumer electronic device (with the possible exception of cell phones)," so failures are really inevitable.
Want to keep your notebook running for longer than a few years? Ensure your laptop is as drop-proofed as possible (use a padded bag or case, route cords so they won't be tripped on, lock children in another room), and protect it as best you can from heat and dust.

22 November 2009

Kajang High School in Early Years

To all the old boys of Kajang High School, this picture surely creates nolstalgic moment and brings your memories back to the sweet, the good and the bad old days at KHS.

Kajang High School in Early Years -

Your Future Depends On Your Dreams!

GO TO BED NOW! doesn't mean you must go to sleep right now on the bright day light. It means don't over stress yourself, example like when do revision for your SPM tomorrow, do not revise till to the early hours. You must have enough sleep so that you'll be fresh to sit for the exam tomorrow morning.

21 November 2009

Universal Values!

Add Maths 2 PPDHL SPM Trial 09 (Answer & Marking)

Add Maths 2 PPDHL SPM Trial (Answer & Marking) -

Add Maths 2 PPDHL SPM Trial 09

Add Maths 2 PPDHL -

JSU Add Maths 2

Jadual Speksifikasi Ujian Add Maths 2 -

JSU Add Maths 1

Jadual Speksifikasi Ujian Add Maths 1 -

20 November 2009

So My Daughter Failed A BM Paper!

So sorry for my daughter. She cried when she got the result. Even the 3As she so sure to score from subjects which were taught in English, could not prevent her from crying, though she knew it was 50:50 to pass the BM papers. At least she still pass ed the other BM paper, an achievement. If I have let her continued at the SJK(C), she might has failed 4 subjects, 2 BM papers and 2 Chinese papers. It's okay girl, it's not the end of the world. Doesn't mean that you failed now you will fail forever. We always learn from hard ways, so take this as a lesson for you to get better the next time around. Learn from your mistakes and change your attitude towards BM and Mandarin. No point to hate the subjects and the teachers who made you to be so. Let them be so for what they done to you. They probably might have said "deserve for that girl" for hating them.... and then just let them be. For our destiny are decided by our karma....

Terima Keputusan 5A Depan Jenazah Ibu

Keputusan UPSR telah dimumkan semalam 19 November 2009. Dengar khabar ramai yang berjaya mendapat 5A atau 7A dan merasa girang dan gembira dan ada juga yang sampai menangis. Yang tidak dapat 5A atau 7A pun menangis kerana kecewa tidak dapat semua A. Apatah lagi yang dapat semua B, C atau campur-campur, mereka ini pun menangis juga kerana telah mengecewakan ibu bapa mereka atau harapan tinggi masing-masing. Begitu juga yang gagal seperti anak perempuan saya yang telah gagal satu mata pelajaran iaitu BM (Pemahaman) walaupun mendapat 3A bagi mata pelajaran yang diajar dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Kasihan saya kepada anak perempuan saya itu apabila mendengar khabar itu melalui panggilan telefon dari rakan sekerja saya yang mengambil keputusan bagi pihak anak saya itu.
Walau apapun cuba baca berita yang disiarkan oleh Malaysiakini seperti yang disertakan di sini. Adakah perasaan gembira sampai menangis, menangis geram kerana tidak dapat semua A atau gagal seperti yang dicurahkan oleh mereka yang berkenaan dapat dibandingkan kesedihan dan kepedihan yang dialami oleh murid bernama Siti Amynur Ain Putri Rosdy. Untuk mengetahui cerita selanjutnya dan sama-sama merenung dan membandingkan nasib baik kita dengan mereka yang senasib dengan adik ini sila klik http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/117939

Terima keputusan 5A UPSR depan jenazah ibu
Nov 20, 09 4:10pm
Tidak seperti murid Tahun Enam lain yang kegirangan ketika menerima keputusan cemerlang 5A Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), Siti Amynur Ain Putri Rosdy kesedihan menerima keputusan itu di hadapan jenazah ibunya........

True or Not - I'll Not Doing This Again

One of 3rd batch students in the early 80's. Gan Hui Heong who is now teaching in STAR, Gemas, Negeri Sembilan has emailed me this story which I find very interesting to share with everyone. Please click to the following url to find out:
True or Not - I'll Not Doing This Again -

17 November 2009

Thank You To My 1st Follower

Azahar Ariffin one of my hardworking student from the 5 Engineering class has become my blog first follower. Quite an excitement when we are experiencing 'first' in our activities. Thank you Azahar and I also came to know that you have been asking around for my email address.
Hope I can link the Selangor SPM Gerak Gempur Add. Maths Answer and Marking Scheme and those for the Trial Exam papers from Johore and Pahang in this blog for your references.
SPM starts tomorrow. Do your very best and best wishes. Moga berjaya dengan cemerlang.

16 November 2009

The Sixties

My very good friend Kok Ah Moi has just emailed me a very interesting video presentation, The Sixties. It brings my memory back to that nolstagic wonderful moment. Would like to share with those already in this blog. To view, please click to following web page and have a nolstalgic moment. http://moreoldfortyfives.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm

15 November 2009

Now Have To Say Thank You To My 2nd Son!

He has come out to help to upgrade my blog. He used his knowledge and skill he learnt from ICT lessons in school and his own initiative to overhaul the outlook of my previous blog.

Say Thank You To My Little Daughter

She is really fantastic. She helped me to create this blog which I hardly know. She gave me tuition to create the blog. She learnt everything about internet and blogging etc. by herself through tutuorials from the web. What not? Because she could not get help from her brothers therefore rather than getting into self pity she did all by her own. Yeah! She is a genius for this one. Just link to her blog at the Family Corner to see her creativity.
Hope she can do the same for her BM which she really hate to learn. Again what not? Because when she was studying in a SJK(C) she used to get scoulded from her BM teacher and this included Mandarin lesson. Thus she hated the teachers and the subjects. Being 'English speaking' at home, surely she need some understanding from the teachers concern. Seeing thing not going right I have to give up my desire to see her to learn about 'everything Chinese', I switched her to a sekolah kebangsaan, SK (her present school) at the end of her Year 5 last year. I hope I have made the right decision this time around and she seems to improve a lot in her BM. Really hope she will pass her BM in the soon to be released UPSR result this Thursday 19/11/2009.
I take this opportunity to thank Pn. Zaharah Othman, my colleague from Kajang High School for all the help she has giving me and my little daughter. I also like to thank Pn. Rapichah bt. Lazim, the HM of Kajang Convent Primary School for the help and willingness to accept my daughter's transfer to her school at a very late stage. And not least to all the teachers of the school for their help and understanding in guiding my daughter to what she is now. May God bless you all.


This is my maiden posting to my newly created blog. I would like to welcome myself and everyone to my blog with the following posting which I have used it several times in my professional activities.

I really like this statement made by the former CEO of Maybank and the former Minister in the Prime Minister Department which I would like to share with everyone to ponder....
"It is not so much about how many schools are constructed, but whether they contribute significantly to the local communities and whether they raise educational quality."
Senator Tan Sri Amirshan A.Aziz
New Sunday Times, 29/6/2008.

After pondering it I would like to do an innovation to the statement which actually to remind me and my colleagues alike that as excellent teachers is not a privilege where many see it to be but a responsibility that we have put it on our shoulders....
"Bukan soal berapa ramai GC yang akan dilantik tetapi adakah bilangan yang sudah dilantik itu memberi sumbangan signifiken kepada sekolah, warga pendidikan, masyarakat dan meningkatkan kualiti pendidikan negara".
NKLpunya, 12/11/2009.
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