13 December 2010

Crabs Below Pulling Down A Crab Wants To Climb Up!

I came across the following tale from a blog where the author says many of us are familiar with it. The purpose of the author in putting up the tale was to describe the leadership tussle in a leading political party in the country. The tale runs as follow;

There are two crab vendors selling the crustaceans from a basket. You will quickly notice the baskets. The Malay seller has an open basket. The Chinese covers his basket with a lid.

The Malay crab seller has no worries about his crabs escaping. So he sells his crabs from an open basket. The Chinese seller on the other hand, worries if he doesn't cover his basket with a lid, his crabs will escape.

Why the difference? Well, the crabs in the Malay basket will never be able to escape. Because at any time any crab wants to climb up, the crabs below will pull it down. The Chinese on the other hand continues to worry. Because if anyone crab wants to climb over, the crabs below it will help push it up.

Well, I find the moral of the tale is degrading and it has no justification to compare the attitude of the two major races in country by such behaviour of the crabs. I believe it is more on the deep prejudice of our society which we have inherited since the beginning of the modern history of the country.

In fact there is no different between the Chinese and the Malays, even with other races when we are talking about the issue of climbing up the ladder of success or leadership. Just look at the history of each communal parties in the country and you will find that each of them has that behaviour of the crabs at the bottom pulling down any crab that wants to climb up. It is not only in politic but in many of our undertaking in our daily life. It is the matter of envy and jealousy. It is a part of human nature and it does not confine to one particular race. Therefore the tale should be thrown away.

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