03 March 2015

An Interesting Mind-Blogging Comments

Section 377(A)  offences  include "blowjob" as stated by Americk. I wonder why  nothing  was done in  the  case of  the  former  minister  who  was  caught  on video  that  explicitly showed  he was having a “blowjob” and which he even admitted he was the one in the video.
So is it prosecution or persecution in the case of Anwar?
by Hello

When politicians and professionals don a saint's hood and parade the streets with their imaginary halo circling their crowns, you know that democracy is dead and regimes are reigning.
by JD Lovrenciear

I admit, and confess, that I and my wife had on some occasions in our married life commit the said offence under Section 377A of the Penal Code.
Please come and arrest me and sentence me to five years’ imprisonment.

by Longyan Ren

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