24 February 2013

Tua Pek Kong Predicted Good Year for Malaysia's Economy

GEORGE TOWN, Feb 24 ― The Year of the Snake will be a good one for Malaysia’s economy, a deity predicted during the annual “Chneah Hoay” (flame watching) ceremony at the Hai Choo Soo (Sea Pearl) Temple in Tanjung Tokong here.

The deity, Tua Pek Kong, predicted the economy would see improvement in the first quarter to be followed by robust growth in the second and third quarter.

Embers flare up after fanned during the “Chneah Hoay” ceremony at Hai Choo Soo temple in George Town,  Penang
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P/S: For those who believe in the prediction, this is the time to start to buy new houses or grab any available lands and sell them when the price goes up beyond the expectation or start to accumulate shares in BSKL or halt the selling of shares in hand and only sell them when the boom time comes...... A true happy new year is coming to town....ho..ho..ho.... So snake is not that bad as many assumed of it...!

21 February 2013

Persis Hidup Suami Isteri Dalam Keterpaksaan Tapi Penuh Kebencian

..... hendaklah dibezakan antara kehendak seks antara pasangan dan cinta. Seks ada yang berteraskan nafsu semata dan ada yang merupakan gabungan antara cinta dan nafsu. 

Seseorang yang ghairah seksnya, bukan bererti dia penuh cinta. Namun, cinta yang mendalam membawa kepada hubungan seks yang indah. 

Ini boleh diibaratkan macam pemberian wang bantuan oleh sesebuah kerajaan kepada rakyat. Pemberian itu bukan semestinya menggambarkan cinta kerajaan kepada rakyat. Boleh jadi ia sekadar nafsu ingin berkuasa dan pemberian itu demi melangsaikan kehendak dirinya. 

Rakyat yang menerima bantuan juga bukan semestinya mencintai kerajaan yang memberi. Dia sudi menerima kerana merasakan itu haknya, ataupun dia memerlukannya tapi jiwanya mungkin menyumpah dan menyampah. 

Persis seperti hubungan antara suami isteri yang hidup dalam keadaan keterpaksaan tapi penuh kebencian.

Prof Madya Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin

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17 February 2013

Don't Play-Play With Lightning - You No Power Ranger

Student killed by lightning
TELUK INTAN, Feb 16 — A student was killed while two others were injured after lightning struck a field they were playing football in Taman Desa Bakti, Jalan Kampung Banjar here this afternoon. 

Mohd Amir Alias, 15, died after being brought to a nearby surau while Mohd Amin Asrin, 16, and Mohd Shafiq Amirul Shamsuddin, 14, were injured and have been admitted to the Teluk Intan Hospital here.

The incident happened at 5.20pm when the trio together with eight friends were playing football in the field which is not far from the their school.

Mohd Amir, who is from Tapah near here, is said to have been directly hit by a lightning bolt. Taman Desa Bakti Neighbourhood Watch chairman Mohamad Darus, 54, said the boy was lifeless when brought the the surau.

“He no longer had a pulse. This is very sad indeed and something very unexpected,” he said.
Safatri Nazir, 15, who was among the players, said he helped to carry Mohd Amir, who was bleeding from the mouth with eyes open, to the surau.

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11 February 2013

Appreciation and Respect for Other Cultures - Ahjibgor

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said his involvement in making the Chinese New Year video clip is a gesture of appreciation and respect for the Chinese culture so that the people would respect the cultures of other races in this country. 

“It gives a message to the Chinese community that I respect the Chinese culture. As much as you should respect the Malay culture, you should respect the Indian culture and also the Chinese culture,” 

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P/S: How many Apeks, Ahsohs, Ahgors and Amois to be turned over?

10 February 2013

Joining PM To Wish You Happy 2013 Chinese New Year


Are you going to be turned over?

05 February 2013

Remembering A Towering and Significance Personality



Mr. Ng Kok Ching

(30 July 1953 - 06 February 2006)

Today is the 7th. 6 February since you left us. Physically you are beyond our reach but we feel like you are with us all this while same like other siblings or close relatives who are away in Singapore, US, UK, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, China or Korea, either studying, working or traveling. It is because your memories and spirit that still lingering, cherish and communicating with us. It is your towering and significance personality in the family that bind us together. Though deeply missed you will always be remembered and occupied a place in our hearts. Pray for your soul be blessed by Almighty.

04 February 2013

Gangnam Style Coming to Penang on the 2nd Day of CNY ...!

Many but hopefully only some will be very happy to hear about the news...to see the very famous Gangnam Style to be performed in this land... in Penang to be exact. The best of all it will be on the second day of 2013 CNY and to be organised by Penang BN.... or the BN Penang of Chinese leaders who are now seemed to have lost of ideas of what to do to attract Penang people to come to like them after been dumped in 2008. Perhaps they think this is their final ace card to be thrown on the table in order to regain Penang in the soon to be held 13GE. RM one million are estimated to be spent for a short stunt by the group PSY... It was claimed by the organiser the money come from their supporters of rich businessmen... I wonder.... These last few days plenty of money has been flushed out like we flush our toilet bowls... where is this money come from...? I wonder how many of us would be that easily be bought over in exchange to part with their votes by just be given the 'gift' that enable them the 'best opportunity of their life' to watch live the iconic Gangnam Style for a brief of 30 minutes the most....Where can you get this opportunity in your entire life in this world if not of the fantastic idea of these BN leaders!

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