03 May 2013

Kasihan Orang Bangladesh Ni Kerana Nak Cari Sedikit Duit Untuk Hidup ...!

Crowd buying now shopping for Bangladeshis

There is another issue that has been gaining attention across the blogs. Concern has grown that ?? has been paying a different section of Malaysia’s community of foreign workers to perform another aspect of its election strategy.This is crowd buying.

And in this election it seems that as it has become harder to buy up their own supporters for the party, they have started to pay poor immigrant cheer leaders to wear their T-shirts and wave their flags.
Meanwhile, the real ?? troopers are concentrating on getting their money out of town.
The level of graft of by the ruling elite, which is currently pouring its money out of KL and into foreign safe havens has been causing even the banking community to feel sickened at the sight.

And if that means shipping in tens of thousands of foreign illegal voters and putting tens of thousands more into ?? T-shirts all to con an election from his own people, then it seems he is prepared to try and carry it off.

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