09 May 2013

Dear Mr. PM, Let the Competent and Professional Non-Politician Chinese to be in Your Cabinet

Dear Mr. PM,

Most Chinese do not mind if there is no Chinese representative in your cabinet. Most Chinese view that even with Chinese representation but they just act like lackeys, it does not mean anything to them. Most Chinese can accept Malay leadership who are competence, professional and act fairly to all citizen. The Chinese politicians in the cabinets thus far did not perform up to the satisfaction in the eyes of the Chinese community but more for their own selfish gains, consolidating for party position and reputation.

MCA, Gerakan and SUPP have been abandoned and thrown out in the recently just concluded 13th GE. The leaders of MCA have declared they would not take up any post in your new government due to their poor performance in the GE. 

If Mr. PM insists of some representation from the Chinese community as what been opined by a few of your party leaders, then how about and why not select some non-politician Chinese who are competent and professional in their field. Since these non-politicians Chinese are not bounded to party position and interest, hopefully they can give their full commitment to their cabinet duty to help you to spur the development of the people and the country as what they are doing in their corporate duty.


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