31 May 2011

Ini Macam Pun Ada!

Strip and you'll walk away with a free laptop a notice at a computer shop in China said.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the shop, located in Shaanxi, has made the offer to single women in conjunction with its grand opening last Saturday.

Those who strip to their bra and panties were awarded with a laptop.

The first woman arrived around 11.30am.

Clad in a yellow blouse and sunglasses, she was seen walking towards the stage where a group of entertainers were performing.

She removed her dress, and successfully walked away with the gadget within a minute.

Verify here:

P/S: Will this kind of business promotion be copied over here? Whao....! Sure pact of people, not to walk up to get the free item but to see see maa... kah..kah..kah..... All sort of business gimmicks manipulating human's weaknesses!


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