01 June 2011

String of A's May Look Impressive But Not Be So In Real Life!

by Mansor Putih,

write from personal experience about the issue of the top scorers at SPM or STPM. On paper, this achievement may look impressive. But in real life, it may not be so.

We have all seen over the years how those who had scored a string of A’s in their SPM and STPM examinations had not excelled beyond recognition.

There have been many among them who had been sent abroad, yet, there is no one among them who had created a stir when they were at those universities abroad, or when they returned to the country to assume posts. So few were admitted into the prestigious Ivy League and Oxbridge universities in the US and UK respectively.

If some of them had gained admission, surely, it could be considered to be an achievement. But so far not many or none among the present group of students who have got the string of A’s had bothered to even apply for admission into such universities.

If they had, and if their application for scholarship was rejected then surely, there is cause for alarm. But the truth is that these top scorers have only pieces of paper to show the A’s they got for the dozen or so subjects.

Yet, many of them can’t speak fluently in English or Bahasa Melayu. They could get the answers right, but many may not know what they are writing about.

If they really wanted to excel, then they should on their own seek admission into prestigious universities, where their qualification and personal achievements will be verified and recognised.

But all of them just want to study abroad without caring which university it is.

I did not possess an impressive academic record but I still managed to gain admission into an Ivy League university in New York City. The university was impressed with my academic achievements and extracurricular activities and other personal interests and hobbies. Its officials also took into consideration all these things other than the academic qualification I had then.

Yet, Mara officials still chose to reject my application for a scholarship. I had to work for a year, before I was given a study loan the following year after an appeal.

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