27 May 2011


Everyone knows this infamous phrase,
nobody is indispensable,

but then everyone still very much dependent on
someone who time and time again has
proven undependable and untrustworthy,
but why must everyone still harping and hoping
to this pseudo-indispensable someone,
instead of looking laterally on another one
who everyone has never given a chance to show
and to prove his worthiness
and someone who can be dependable,
thus everyone must casts away the wrong perception,
prejudice and negative assumption that
only this infamous indispensable can do the work
and deliver the goods,
so not the new someone,

but how could everyone knows that the future would be
definitely bad if everyone put the hope on this
new someone who before everyone had doubt
and had never given a chance to show
and to prove his talent and worthiness,
but the most important is that this new someone can be
dependable on and to deliver,
then why not everyone start to create the courage
and determination to take to the horn
and to make things happened by disposing the
pseudo-indispensable ,
and be confidence and have faith that the future of everyone,
no matter who you are, would be very much better
than what everyone can imagine off.


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