29 May 2011

Barcelona Just Too Good - No Doubt About It!

Aiyoo...... Man U lost terribly, horribly!
No match to Barcelona.
Just too good.
I am very sure not even any national team in the world can match this Barcelona team.
Their passing game was brilliant, fantastic and I was lost of words but glued to my seat watching them tearing and ripping Man U's defence apart.
Even almost all Man U's proven machines were shut down, like Valencia, Giggs, Chicharito, Vidic and company, could not do anything but stunned and muted!
This Barcelona team deserve to be the champ, no doubt about it and no excuses could be offered!
Anyway, though Man U lost, I really satisfied to watch the game because it's really worth to watch such game, not like some national teams, just won a small tournament but made hell of a noise, thinking they have arrived but flopped in the next game!
Then there is, Iker the so-called psychic-octopus, you are wrong this time and you can't take over the trade Paul had made it famous!


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