28 May 2011

Interesting Quotes About Zombies

1. The curious thing about zombies is that they don't always know that they're dead.

2. They have been dead long enough to know it for sure. Whatever are they fighting for? If asked, they will claim to be fighting for the people.

3. Then you have zombies roundly rejected, they won zero, and lost every one by large majorities. But there they are, still strutting about making pompous statements.

4. Despite having lost his own seat, but then proved so incompetent that he had to be replaced by someone else. Of which fact he pretends to be blissfully unaware, collecting his redundant salary every month, borne by the struggling taxpayers.

5. If they weren't sure that they had joined the ranks of the walking dead, they should surely know by now. But still they hang around, making feasts of the scraps and bones thrown to them by their masters. Another bunch of garbage-pickers!

6. Soon to be joining them is another group of zombies, clearly forsaken of popular support. Its members, having learnt no lessons from 2008, decided that it was a good idea to elect a scandal-tainted politician as their President, who was thick-skinned enough to later talk about morality.

7. At a loss for ideas on how to regain support, these zombies resorted to threatening that they would not accept any posts if they lost. But we have yet to see these zombies giving up any posts. They bark at their own people, and wag their tails for their masters.

8. We can only sit and watch bemusedly, at all these lurching, putrefying zombies wearing fancy suits, dining in 5-star hotels, driving expensive cars, and of all things. Not only do dead men can vote, they contest seats!

9. It really may be time to be rid of these zombies.

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