15 October 2011

A Result of Kiasu & 'Want To Grab All' Mentality

Cambodia bans its citizens from working as domestic helpers in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA - The dire shortage of maids affecting some 35,000 families has taken a turn for the worse with Cambodia springing a surprise ban on its citizens working as domestic helpers in Malaysia.

This comes three days after Indonesia announced that a moratorium on sending its maids had not been lifted pending a proper framework being put in place.

A Reuters report from Phnom Penh yesterday said Prime Minister Hun Sen made the decision after expressing disappointment with alleged incidents of beatings and rape of Cambodian maids by their Malaysian employers.

The report quoted Cambodia's Community Legal Education Centre, which helps abused domestic workers, as saying at least three maids were killed in Malaysia, and two raped and kept in isolation. Their passports were also withheld by their employers.

Cambodian recruitment agencies had earlier this year decided not to send maids to Kuwait after complaints of abuse by employers there.

The ban has major implications on Malaysian families as many employers turned to Cambodian maids following Indonesia's freeze on their domestic workers.

Some comments:

  • A good lesson for Malaysia. Leave them to so their own house work, instead of working out in the gym and spending time at the beauty parlour or shopping center.
    Relearn time management and do away with many unnecessary. It will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  • Premier Hun Sen had made the right decision. Some Bolehland people are still keeping in their mindsets that maids are slaves and they can do whatever they want unto the slaves!

  • That`s the right thing to do. For as long as the law on foreign maids does not cover a wide range of issues that can affect the welfare of foreign maids in Malaysia, no country should risk sending maids to Malaysia. Cruelty to foreign maids is a never ending story, even if it involves a small proportion. Why we should treat a fellow human as a sub-standard specie is beyond comprehension.

  • Employers should be more humane towards their maids. They are here to earn a living. They are not slaves and have dignity.

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