16 October 2011

I Shall Remain The President!

After 308, he voluntary or perhaps disguising, asked to resign to take responsibility of the people's massacre but you stooges pleaded to him to remain, saying no one could hold you all together to fight to the next chapter. Saved by your naively and stupidly generosity, he declared, I humbly to remain your president.

Now you the stooges say it loudly, could it be again your most apparent character, that is rhetoric, hinting to him to step down or be ship out. But he is now fighting you back by declaring I shall remain the president to the next chapter.

Dian kong wa bo hoot, wa tongkin lai ka le hoot!

Like watching a Charlie Chaplin's mute movie entitled The Funny Politicians, if ever he created one, kah..kah..kah...


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