03 October 2011

It's Not the Matter of Race but Rather the Work Done

Why bother of what race the politician who should represent us in the state assembly or parliament. Also, why bother if none of my race were to be elected as a minister or representative in the government, if the representative cannot really do the work we expected of him/her but rather behaving more like a subservient and cowardice in the government but like an emperor, a king or expecting us, because of our same race, to serve him/her like a 'lord' or quietly or clearly and abusively taking advantages of his/her position to accumulate wealth and grabbing all the opportunities for himself/herself, families or cronies rather than for the benefit of a larger community.

But if a representative is sincere in working for the betterment of the people and constituency he/she represents and for the betterment of the state then what the different if he/she is of different race.

Therefore it is not an issue or a matter to be taken as important and as a criteria when someone or a party who rhetorically declared they do not want to accept any representation for his/her race in the government if they were not to be voted in as representatives. Instead, it is better for this kind of politicians to be voted out for threatening us with such proposition or thinking that we hard up for their representation.

Perhaps, without this kind of politicians who constantly and unilaterally claim to represent us, we as the people of this wonderful motherland can live in a more meaningful, happy, properous and united as a single human race, without any or whatsoever kind of prejudices.


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