17 October 2011

Lies, Lies, Lies (2)

And it is continuing and by those who like to portray themselves as highly educated, intellect with high academic achievement from the so-called reputable academic institution and high professional standard with exclusive professional or political titles in front or behind their names and 'piously' acting but morally - decaying to the core with continuous and blatant lies which is not correlated with the high reputation and standard they seek to be.

The latest lie, read here.

Some significant comments:

zaman's avatar
For him to stoop so low to write "... sebab nak ganti dengan Kampung Buah Dada" is unbecoming of an MP and a so-called graduate of Oxford University. The university would be ashamed if they know of his low mentality here.

Ng Poh Thye's avatar
A doctor a liar and MP also can lie. Stupid and low mentality !

PemudaNegara's avatar
For a learned Dr. and an Oxford graduate to succumb to such baseless lie and allegations don't augur well for our professionals and the tertiary university they received their degrees.

wong's avatar
A Dr status, what type of moral he has

I-can't-read's avatar
Seriously? A graduate from Oxford making accusations without first investigating any truth to the news?

kak's avatar
I am very tempted to stoop as low as you. On praying , i decided not to coz my God showed me the right way.
I dont know about you.

twocents's avatar
Simple .... No Brain !!!

Albert Teow 's avatar
Can't fight with merit thus resorting to sexual accusations. Incompetent bunch.

Freedom's avatar
Terminate liars in politics

" Malaysian "'s avatar
Malu lah. If there is any honour still left in those politicians who made nasty comments...

Failed Country's avatar
The clarification by the principal of SMK Heng Ee inevitably led one to think that all sexual misconducts hurled against DSAI are also lies.

Failed Country's avatar
Is tat d lowest you can go??!! Come on.. surely with all d countless degrees, PhD's n doctorates and honorary degrees, you can go even lower than tat.

wayang-wayang's avatar
That Penang doctor should just stick to treating patients, and not involved in making wild accusation. Shame on him!!

Ghooi's avatar
Decent Malaysians are fighting a tough moral battle against the morally bankrupt politicians but rich in funding. May we continue to stand firm & guard against unscrupulous politicians out to score political points at the expense of innocent people & children. If we continue to trade our moral ground for short term momentary gain, we will pay the price of moral & economical decay for electing the wrong leaders.


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