19 June 2011

Ku Li - Income Gap Widen, Need to Rethink Economic Policies

Income inequality has widened in Malaysia and is now a problem across all races.

...“if ownership was de-racialised or balanced at the top, economic justice would follow is no longer a valid premise for the future.”

“Income inequality in Malaysia has widened (and) is no longer a problem between races; it crosses the racial divide and it is a problem of the majority of Malaysians who feel the pressure of inflation in almost every essential aspects of their lives. This is the most serious challenge we face,”

... if the current administration’s struggles with the budget deficit was a “result of wastage, corruption and extravagance in the use of public funds, then the solution to the problem should not be passed on to the public.”

“What is needed is a re-examination of the management of the country’s finances before... any change in the policy of subsidies be implemented, as the consequences would have a life-changing impact on the livelihood of the people.”

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