16 February 2010

Set Goals For Success

Edited from Josef Eby Ruin's Article in NST1klassifieds, Feb 13, 2010.
1. A goal is an objective, a direction or a desired of how one would strive to achive success.
2. A goal works like a magnet where its force pulls one to fulfillment or success.
3. A goal is a way to measure what one has done which lead one to know that one has reached the set-destination or success.
4. Studies of successful individuals show that goal-settings played a critical role in their successes.
5. Factors for goal-setting;
* Vision - have a vision of success, what to accomplish in your career.
* Written goals - goal should not be just spoke-of or talk-about, it should be written down where it creates a sense of action and clarifies one's thinking.
* Personal values - set a goal that is consistent with one's own values, not just to please someone else, personalise the goals, that is yours alone, not somebody else's.
* Harmony - one's goal is in harmony or compatible with one's principles.
* Practical - Set a goal that is practical, achieveable, realistic and legitimate, not pipe-dream or just fantasy.
* Resources - Know the resources one have, do a SWOT analysis so that one be able to capitalise on one's own strengths and opportunities and to contain the weaknesses and threats.
* Priorities - Focus on one or two big goals at a time.
* Targeted deadline - Set a deadline, write down steps to take to reach the goal before the deadline.
* Habit - Practise goal-setting and make it as one's culture or mindset. Create a mental picture that shows one's accomplishment of a goal.
* Positive overtures - paraphase one's goals in positive phrases, eg. I will drink only sugar-free coffee instead of I will not drink coffee with sugar. This is because a person's mind works on the picture one places in it.
* Change - Adjust goals as and when necessary to meet changing condtions or when facing unforeseen obstacles.
* Reward - reward yourself or celebrate every small successes along the way, not wait until the goal have been reached.


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