19 February 2010

Aurora Mystery Solved?

On Jan. 20, 2010, Per-Arne Mikalsen was photographing a vast aurora erupting over the northern Norwegian town of Andenes.
Because solar activity is on the increase, aurora spotters have many opportunities to see the Northern Lights. On this particular night the aurora was intense, stretching toward the southern latitudes of Norway.

The mystery shape in the aurora over Andenes, Norway

This photo showed a mysterious green parachute-like object hanging with the main aurora

Reflections of sunlight from the regularly shaped Iridium satellites was found to be the cause of the aurora, so-called Iridium Flares. As a satellite passes overhead, the conditions may be right for the spacecraft's solar panels or antennae to reflect sunlight down to the ground. The result is a short-lived burst of light, known as a "flare." The network of Iridium communication satellites are best known for their flares, since they have three huge door-sized antennae that act as orbital mirrors.
Fot further reading please click here; http://news.discovery.com/space/aurora-mystery-solved.html


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