24 February 2013

Tua Pek Kong Predicted Good Year for Malaysia's Economy

GEORGE TOWN, Feb 24 ― The Year of the Snake will be a good one for Malaysia’s economy, a deity predicted during the annual “Chneah Hoay” (flame watching) ceremony at the Hai Choo Soo (Sea Pearl) Temple in Tanjung Tokong here.

The deity, Tua Pek Kong, predicted the economy would see improvement in the first quarter to be followed by robust growth in the second and third quarter.

Embers flare up after fanned during the “Chneah Hoay” ceremony at Hai Choo Soo temple in George Town,  Penang
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P/S: For those who believe in the prediction, this is the time to start to buy new houses or grab any available lands and sell them when the price goes up beyond the expectation or start to accumulate shares in BSKL or halt the selling of shares in hand and only sell them when the boom time comes...... A true happy new year is coming to town....ho..ho..ho.... So snake is not that bad as many assumed of it...!


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