17 February 2013

Don't Play-Play With Lightning - You No Power Ranger

Student killed by lightning
TELUK INTAN, Feb 16 — A student was killed while two others were injured after lightning struck a field they were playing football in Taman Desa Bakti, Jalan Kampung Banjar here this afternoon. 

Mohd Amir Alias, 15, died after being brought to a nearby surau while Mohd Amin Asrin, 16, and Mohd Shafiq Amirul Shamsuddin, 14, were injured and have been admitted to the Teluk Intan Hospital here.

The incident happened at 5.20pm when the trio together with eight friends were playing football in the field which is not far from the their school.

Mohd Amir, who is from Tapah near here, is said to have been directly hit by a lightning bolt. Taman Desa Bakti Neighbourhood Watch chairman Mohamad Darus, 54, said the boy was lifeless when brought the the surau.

“He no longer had a pulse. This is very sad indeed and something very unexpected,” he said.
Safatri Nazir, 15, who was among the players, said he helped to carry Mohd Amir, who was bleeding from the mouth with eyes open, to the surau.

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