04 February 2013

Gangnam Style Coming to Penang on the 2nd Day of CNY ...!

Many but hopefully only some will be very happy to hear about the news...to see the very famous Gangnam Style to be performed in this land... in Penang to be exact. The best of all it will be on the second day of 2013 CNY and to be organised by Penang BN.... or the BN Penang of Chinese leaders who are now seemed to have lost of ideas of what to do to attract Penang people to come to like them after been dumped in 2008. Perhaps they think this is their final ace card to be thrown on the table in order to regain Penang in the soon to be held 13GE. RM one million are estimated to be spent for a short stunt by the group PSY... It was claimed by the organiser the money come from their supporters of rich businessmen... I wonder.... These last few days plenty of money has been flushed out like we flush our toilet bowls... where is this money come from...? I wonder how many of us would be that easily be bought over in exchange to part with their votes by just be given the 'gift' that enable them the 'best opportunity of their life' to watch live the iconic Gangnam Style for a brief of 30 minutes the most....Where can you get this opportunity in your entire life in this world if not of the fantastic idea of these BN leaders!

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