27 December 2012

Long Live The Fools...!

Can't agree much with the edited parts of this interesting article.
Edited from Tay Tian Yan's article.
Read more here.

Many think of themselves as being smart. Few would want to be seen as fools. 

Everyone wants to act smart for the sake of power, interests and influences; no one would act foolish because you are bound to lose in real-world if you do. 

Smart people know not how to draw a line between personal gains and public welfare, while a fool knows the boundaries between what is public and what if private. 

P/S: Just because they think they are smart people, they think the world owe them all and they can just wallop anything they want. Fools are looked upon as their servants and be humiliated.

Smart people will not mind sacrificing their beliefs and public well-being for their own gains, while a fool cares only about the nation and community, often at the expanse of their personal interests. 

The problem is, this world was created by a bunch of fools who cared not their own gains. They had dreams and aspirations, all geared towards the well-being of their communities and the world. 

Just because there are too many smart, calculative people around, dreams and aspirations have been smothered. Our environment will be a much better place if we have more fools than smart people.


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