27 December 2012

Keng Yaik Said, "Don't Bullshit The Rakyat...!"

At the opening of a conference after all the  pleasantries, Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik  read a line which said that a programme his ministry had implemented had been received well by the rakyat. As soon as he finished the sentence, he blurted out the word "bullshit" which shocked the audience. 

He looked at senior ministry officials and asked "Who vetted this speech?" There was silence. He said, "I disagree; let's tell the truth and not put words into the rakyat's mouth."
                                          by S,Paul
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P/S: I believe the late Tun Dr.LKY was the only head of a party in BN who was not severely ridiculed by the rakyat. This speak volume of his calibre and integrity. He might have regretted chosen a successor who seem to have destroyed PGRM he built up over a long period of his stewardship.


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