16 December 2012

DAP Delegates Do Not Walk The Talk...!

All eight DAP Malay leaders lose badly in CEC polls

GEORGE TOWN: All eight Malay DAP leaders who contested for central executive committee (CEC) posts lost badly at 16th DAP Congress here.

The results show that the party, dominated by the Chinese, does not make room for Malay candidates including Zairil Khir Johari who served as political secretary to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng. Zairil only received 305 votes while his boss, Lim garnered 1,576 votes. 

A total of 1,823 delegates voted to choose 20 DAP leaders for the 2012-2015 term. The other Malay candidates who lost were Penang DAP committee member Zulkifli Mohd Noor (216 votes), Senator Ariffin SM Omar (748), Johor DAP vice-chairman Ahmad Ton (347 votes), Pahang DAP deputy chairman Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji (121), Desa Manjung DAP branch chairman Solaiman Op Syed Ibrahim (98), Roseli Abdul Ghani (39) and Harun Ahmad (28).

Zulkifli Mohd Noor, one of the DAP Malay candidates said he fought for 25 years for the Malays to be elected as CEC members but failed. "When we say 'Malaysian Malaysia,' we must represent all religions, all races...balance. The message I conveyed did not reached the grassroots. They are still choosing leaders based on race," he told Bernama.

He said that the election was also not based on ability and experience of the candidates in fighting for the party.

"There is no change. The results is a setback for Malay candidates. Perhaps the top leaders who contested want to take care of their own interests, not the party's interests." - BERNAMA 

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P/S: Disappointed with the delegates who did not take the opportunity to put the thing right. As expected The Star, MCA controlled news organ has blasted it first salvo with this report. Soon that infamous big-mouth 'crazy' fellow will make his present with his crazy remarks which is really hurting, perhaps not you but me and all those who do not agree with the way you voted in your leaders.

DAP delegates, you have given away the bullets for 'these people' to shoot at you and your partners in PR and we the non-ketuanan. Surely a few thousand votes will swing back to the other side, then bye bye Putrajaya.

It does not matter whether the above report is correct or distorted, the reality is DAP's delegates themselves are practicing their kind of 'ketuanan' and arrogance.  

Do not blast the other side of their arrogance, ketuanan, 1Malaysia blah..blah..blah when you are also practicing such behaviour! What Middle Malaysia when you cannot accommodate others who you arrogantly think you are superior than them thus you think you have the right to monopolies everything.

Please walk the talk that you are a multiracial party and practicing Middle Malaysia..!  Do not say the other side is racist when you also have it.


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