30 September 2012

Why The Hongkies Live The Longest In The World?

The Hongkies are enjoying the longest life span in the world. 
If you ever wonder why, here are the reasons: 

1. Seniors in HK have truly world class government health care which is virtually free by world standards. 

2. Seniors enjoy a very active life-style in their daily get-togethers with other fellow seniors to do voluntary social work, because public transport for all seniors is very heavily subsidised. 

3. Every senior is rewarded with a no-means-test-required monthly stipend of HK$2200 in recognition of their past contribution to build up HK. 

How is the HK government able to provide all these benefits even with absolutely zero percent GST? 

The bureaucracy does not charge astronomical salaries for the services of ministers and top civil servants. One senior minister in HK has put his own view very clearly: 

“Just being given the opportunity to work for my fellow citizens is already a great honour for me that does not need to be waxed with any high salary."

"I cannot bring the high salary with me to my grave, but I can leave this Earth with the greatest satisfaction that I have helped my fellow citizens, and I will leave behind my humble honour in Hong Kong’s history books.” 

Source: An email from Mr. David Ng 

P/S:  Hong Kong's ICAC is one of the well known anti-corruption agencies in the world. Perhaps that's one of the reasons HK's government servants are corrupted-free and are highly responsible and have a very high moral values in carrying their duty without fear and favour thus the high efficiency and results.

Q: Can Malaysia achieve such a standard? Sure!  But need to do a dy/dx to wipe out the devils of all corrupted-entities in all of its activities.



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