17 September 2012

Greed - Reserves A Place In Hell

It is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary Malaysians to find decent affordable housing in urban areas.

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A blog reader complains:

I’m trying to buy a second-hand apartment or condo. The owner bought at a low price but is selling at a very high price. I saw an 800 sq feet apt selling for RM280K but the banks valued it at RM180K–200K!

These people are greedy. It may be their choice to sell at a price they like but how to get buyers if your unit is ridiculously priced?

In areas near Batu Ferringhi, homes are bought up by foreigners. Most housing caters to the rich. It’s disappointing. Even a 700 sq ft bird cage-like-unit is going for RM300K!

I wish there would be laws that control how much owners can sell their units for. So many places are only for the rich and I wonder .... how many millionaires, billionaires are there? I even heard that a guy bought three units at RM90K each but is selling each at RM180k to RM200K!

Greed - Reserves a place in hell.

P/S: You are right, hope these greedy people and the irresponsible power-that-be be reserved a bungalow in hell. Serve them right!

Wish leaders of Penang People's Government be the first to come out with a law to control the price, after all DAP's main ideology is socialism! Please don't betray the majority of people who have done the dy/dx to vote you in! 


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