09 September 2012

All Of Us Belong To This Land!

Based on an article written by CT Ali.

Recently, someone high up has said this land belongs to a particular people and the particular people may risk losing the land to someone else who he has said is not the original people of this land. 

However CT Ali, a FMT columnist has said, how can the particular people lose this land when it never belonged to them in the first place! Instead he said this people belong to this land  – not the other way around. No other community, no other people, no other race can take away this land from this people – not when the others  have pledged themselves to belong to the same land. No one risked losing the land – but it is the land that risks losing all its people who have called this land is their home. 

So, the actual fact nobody or any single group, community or whoever he/she is, need to sound the alarm that they have to come forward to save this land from been taken away by someone else. Why?  Because all the people of this land who have helped and who are building this country to what it is today belong to this land 

Instead, the very same person or group who has sounded the alarm to a particular people or group to save this land from others should help to prevent the land from losing its people to somewhere else. 

This great country belongs to all who call it their home. We are all transient beings passing through this earth for a while. 

If really God has created a country for a particular people or group or better still the earth is for just one kind of people, then why must He creates different kind people in the first place. It make no sense for God to be such! And then there is no need to preach that we all come from the same root, Adam and Eve!

To those who have their hidden agenda and to protect their own selfish end, there is no right for you to declare this land belongs to you and your group and want to save it from others! Nobody is taking this land from anyone. All of us who we call it our home belong to this land. This is God's grace, this is God's creation, not you and me or anybody, even how mortally powerful one is then or now! 

If one still insist this is his/her land and need to be saved at all cost, then it is not worth to boast that he/she is glorifying God in the religion that he/she is now! Perhaps the tragedy that happened to Adam's two sons, where the elder killed his younger brother has cropped up into the person's mind to save his/her interest rather than to save the land from been taken by others! Indeed a devilish imagination!

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