24 December 2011

So Plastic! - Human's Hypocricy

JOHOR BARU: An unemployed man was jailed two years for stealing six boxes of shampoo worth RM107.40 at a supermarket. Read more here.

SHAH ALAM: A former Selangor MB was found guilty today of abusing his influence to buy a luxury home and land at a discount of up to RM3 million. The judge sentenced the former MB to 12 months’ imprisonment and ordered the seizure of the property. Read more here.

P/S: Surely this is one of the reasons everyone wants to fight to get up to the top of the ladder. Beside to show off and to feel damn great of genius or having super IQ, it has the huge unseen privilege to abuse and be abusive. Those who hold power seem to be making themselves look strong with the ciput but making themselves look so small like Tom the Cat when dealing with those who they see more powerful than them, but then every moment selling God's name for cover up.

Many ridicule the Jews for their Zionism but what's the different when one is practicing or having the mindset of something like that or as small as postulated above.

More disgusting when it is said and done in the name of God. Perhaps, God is not color-blind but also sees colours, that's why He created so many colours... Then, one will proudly takes out the words of God... He created us in many colours for us to see and to appreciate the beauty of the various colours... rhetorically fantastic! But, due to greed, lust and power, all those God's words are nonsense! Merely as a privilege to disguise! But again, some who are in the same boat will buy it and be the diehard followers, humiliating fellow human being to satisfy their greed, lust and fantasy....


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