25 December 2011

How About if the Person is Just an Ordinary Guy?

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 25 — The National Registration Department (JPN) apologised today for denying Perlis Mufti Dr Juanda Jaya’s daughter of an identity card, and for stating that she was not a Malaysian citizen.

“JPN apologises for the inconveniences that Dr Juanda Jaya had to go through at the Kuching, Sarawak JPN counter following the inability of the staff to explain the department’s procedure.

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P/S: Hard luck for the JPN because they have poked into an hornet nest! But what would be the situation if the mufti were just a plain Mr. in front of his name and without any position or in general, the person were just an ordinary citizen who has nothing to show and shout about, nothing till the little napoleons can easily bullying them around, what so, to be noted by the media. Even if the little citizen were to shout, no one would be bothered!

Perhaps this is another reason why everyone wants to climb up the ladder of power so that one would not be taken lightly, not to be bullied around, media will take note of their outburst etc.

Adohai...nasib orang kebanyakan yang tiada apa-apa... lagilah kalau papa kedana!

Pendidikan Moral atau Pendidikan Sivik & Kewarganegaraan yang dipelajari di sekolah tidak selari dengan apa mereka alami di luar sana.... Minda menjadi berserabut dan berasap, langsung melahirkan manusia yang memberontak!


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