05 March 2011

Penang, Oh! Penang

A Place I'm So Fondly.....

So long haven't been there, more than 5 years I guess;
Since the very early morning of the 9th. day of one CNY;
Where I was so taken by the grandiose of the people at
the famous jetties celebrating their Bai Ti Gong;
Heard so much nice things have happened there since that faithful 308;
That changed the way it used to be;
Don't know when will have the opportunity to pay a visit;
To see with my own eyes the real changes that have taken place;
That put the old regime in envy and sulking;
Even the combative Lim KY has once said:
Woi.. brader Gerakan! You have lost Penang forever!
And Niamah, the eloquent brother Teoh has posted here
some nice stories you should enter to read.


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