12 March 2011

Just A Tickle of God's Power

Observe the earthquake and tsunami at northeastern of Japan - just a tickle of God's power or some free thinkers would say Nature's power!

Therefore be wise and come to your sense for those who hold the little so-called 'power' in their hands and who use to abuse those 'power' to degrade and humiliate fellow human beings for their own selfish and self interest, that the so-called 'power' you hold is negligible when compared to the tickle of His power shown at Japan 110311, even in Aceh 261204.

How would it be if this catastrophe were to happen here!
Would those who think they have the 'power' be still talking, fighting, grabbing all those things about race, rights, supremacy, abusing, land grabbing, insider trading, planting various conspiracies, sodomy etc.

How much do you want to grab and to bring it to your grave with the disguise that it's for the benefit of your own kind. All rubbish!

May God has mercy on all of us. Don't this disaster be fall upon us, but then the so-called 'leaders crazy of power' please repent now before it's too late! And the worst of all are those little napoleons, perhaps just tasted the little juicy power for the first time!

See more photos here.


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