21 February 2011

Replace Moral Lesson...

An opinion from Mr. David Tih, Malacca.

Monday February 21, 2011

Replace Moral lessons with religious classes

.....Things that stand in the way of inter-religious harmony include: inadequate knowledge, misunderstanding, insensitivity, intolerance and bigotry.

In this context, I would like to suggest that the Government abolishes existing Moral classes and replace them with religious classes for all non-Muslim students – Buddhism for Buddhists, Christianity for Christians , Hinduism for Hindus and so on.

Also, schools can set up their own inter-faith committees to minimise misunderstanding and promote better co-operation and brotherhood among Malaysian students and help nurture them to become good citizens and responsible leaders of this great nation in the future.

It is time for us to translate the 1Malaysia concept into reality by respecting, understanding and accepting each other’s differences and moving forward together as one nation and one people.

David Tih,Malacca.

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P/S: Things that need to be looked into if the authority agreed with the above opinion and decided to implement it;

1. Do we have enough competent and reliable non-Islamic teachers to teach in our schools. Do we have enough manpower that really well verse in the teaching of their respective religions . Do not expect the MOE to call on the monks to come to teach in our schools. It is a matter of occupation just like a teacher teaching the Islamic study and not on voluntary basis.

2. Will the MOE willing to come out with a big budget to set up teacher training centers to train non-Islamic teachers. Then how about logistic, organization and human resource within the MOE, SED, DEO and schools.

3. How about content and syllabus of each of the non-Islamic subjects. Which one to follow or to be adopted, since within each of the non-Islamic religions, there are so many sects that seem to have difficulty to accommodate to each other.

4. Would it creates conflict among students and teachers in our schools when everyone declares that the teaching of their religion is true and the best and try to ridicule others. There bound to have some teachers who undertake the teaching of their religions towards an extreme side which cannot compromise on the sanctity of their religions.


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