12 February 2011

Faith Does Not Come By Force

Posted here a few thought provoking comments (edited) by readers in a web news portal

Rayfire: I will eagerly wait for the day when a real preacher who can really deliver a talk about how wonderful their religion is without throwing bricks at others faith.

Take a look around, incest cases for example, where did the religion go wrong in this matter. So ultimately it is what goes on in your mind - you can preach to kingdom come to all and sundry but if it doesn't sink in, no one can help.

Faith is something personal and does not come by force. The person must believe wholeheartedly. If you just ask them to follow the books blindly, you are going to end up worse.

Avvai: ..... Every religion teaches us to be good and do good. It's us humans who do sin and tarnish the name of our religions.....

Geronimo: As a senior citizen, my advice is not to be judgmental on people, especially if you don't understand what the other faiths are all about just as I would not like to comment on any anything relating to your faith. So, please, live and let live.

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