30 January 2011

Working M'sians Live on Borrowed Cash While the Elite Splurge

Written by J. D. Lovrenciear

Malaysians - all working rakyat are living on borrowed cash. Education on loan; car loan; housing loan; credit card repayment; and personal loans to even wed - Period.

The monthly salary is hardly enough to plug all the monthly re-payments. Just check the wallets of all those going to work every day. There is just enough Ringgit to pay for transport and cheap meals. And do we call this progressive and developing world-class rated nationhood?

If one has traveled all through the neighbouring countries, he / she would notice that although the people in these countries may to our eyes appear poor, they are a lot far better off than us. Their citizens do not live on borrowed money. They eat better. They go to sleep with less financial nightmares. They live a comparatively simple but abundant life.

We, despite all the trappings are saddled with the burdens of borrowed money month after month. And with the escalating price of consumer goods, the cracks are appearing rapidly on our social fabric. Here when the government says the prices have been checked and kept at previous levels, it begs explanation.

The rakyat know that the same bowl of noodle that they eat today is not the same with that of last month. The quantity has reduced significantly. Likewise for a whole lot of other daily food items. How long can Malaysians live through these make-believe 'developing and progressive' labels that politicians are ever too quick to proclaim?

On that same token, just take a look at how the family members of cabinet members for example live. Pay a courtesy call to their homes (if only that is so easy to do). Take a look at the expensive and opulent wealth oozing from their cupboards and armchairs. Never mind the stable of dream cars though. Look at the jewels that choke the necks and arms of the ministers' wives. Examine the holidays their families are basking in.

And let us not be hoodwinked by the defence that that it is their benefit owing to their spouses' service to the nation.

These are very troubling moments in the history of the world. We are today witnessing new chapters being written in several countries already, like Tunisia, Egypt, and perhaps many more would follow.

For us Malaysia can avoid the rough road to freedom if only we can have a government that repents in time and a rakyat that works with a resolute will to bazooka the widespread corruption. Otherwise, when a global financial disaster goes out of control, we may all wake up with an empty kitchen minus a roof over our heads, while the wealthy take flight.

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P/S: Then who should be faulted? Isn't it include us who put them up there and worst, we look up, praise or idolise these so called elites who only think for their own comfort and live in luxury as we owe them with the little we all have. Elections come and go but still we pick these elites to rule over us, hoping for the empty promises that situation be better but they continue accumulating wealth and splash it to the amazement of most of us, again hoping they will pour a bit of their wealth to us at least by lowering some of the burden we are facing in our daily life. Blame it to our psycho of contentment and afraid for a change and big hope for a better tomorrow with the same set of elites who we have complained do not serve us better.

Final analysis, blame it to us, really!


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