02 January 2011

PMR Results Prove Success of PPSMI

PMR results prove success of PPSMI policy — Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, PAGE

January 02, 2011

Kudos to students, teachers and schools for yet another stunning performance in the PMR. These students had learnt science and mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia for six years in primary school followed by three years in English, enduring a difficult transition period in Form 1.

The Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page) is elated that highlights of the above results included significant improvements, not only in narrowing the gap between the rural-urban schools but also in Bahasa Malaysia, English language, science and mathematics.

Kudos, too, to the Ministry of Education.

This implies that after teaching science and mathematics in English for eight years to date, these teachers are now more confident and proficient in these subjects, further growing from strength to strength.

It further proves the point that the policy has not relegated Bahasa Malaysia as our national language as claimed by the detractors, and as a bonus, the application and usage of the English language through these very subjects has not only benefited the teachers but also the students in leaps and bounds.

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