01 January 2011

Got Money With You Afraid To Get Rob, Got No Money With You Get Chop! Which Way To Do?

Man’s hand chopped off by angry robbers

Excerpted from The Star online. Read more here.

A gang of three armed robbers chopped off the left arm of a car repairman in Johor Baru because he did not have enough money on him.

They only managed to get RM300 cash and a mobile phone from the victim, reported SinChew Daily.

At about midnight on Wednes­day, Wang Kai Yin, 28, from Kulai was driving home alone but stopped his car at a parking lot in a park after hearing an unusual noise.

When he got down to check, three men on two motorcycles demanded he hand over all his cash and valuables.

Wang surrendered his wallet, but when he told them he had no more money, one of the robbers got angry and cut off his arm.


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